Tommee Tippee Discovera Cups

Tommee Tippee 
A well known and very much trusted brand in our house. We have now added another two cups to our LOVE LIST, as they are amazing. If any mummy or daddy out there uses Tommee Tippee please let me know of your experiences and what you think of the amazing Discovera Cups.

2 Stage Drinker
Just swap the sipper spout with the drinking ring converter to allow your little one to easily drink from an open cup.
Comes in three colourful designs:
- A blue, white and orange with a little helicopter.
-A green and white one with a helicopter.
- Red, white and green with a cute little French style green motor scooter (like a Vesper.)

This cup took a little while for my daughter to get accustomed with as she found the spout to be quite small (maybe because she has a big mouth.) then I gave it some further thought and realised it was designed like that to try and wean them off the sipper cup styles and onto the big kid stuff.  But eventually she got the hang of it, and didn't mind it at all. Miss H who is four in the other hand absolutely loved when it was converted with the ring to a normal cup and even became her must have cup for a little while there. They are very easy to clean with the wide mouth design, I can almost pop my hand in with a dish cloth without the need of a bottle brush.

Trainer Beaker
Two designs
- Pink and purple with a little white rabbit on it.
-Blue and orange with a cute orange fox.

This design would have to be my favourite, and my daughter would agree with me also. Even though I should be weaning her off she does prefer the larger beaker spout over the smaller one. And is more comfortable with it at this stage. But that is because she is only 17 months old. She still likes to drink from a big girls cup from time to time though, which is pretty good considering her age. But again these are very easy to clean and there is no little sneaky areas you have to try and get into.

Both of these cups feature the original SAMTECH valve, the new Tommee Tippee Discovera cups combine the trusted performance while bringing a cool modern design to the market.

Each cup can be personalised with you child's name to prevent mix ups with other children when out and about. I don't know the amounts of bottles and cups I have lost at child care and play group, but it know its a lot of money worth. Now everything at child care needs to be labelled with your child's name, so the panel at the bottom of these cups make that really simple and easy. After quite a lot of washes I did find the name faded a little, but you just easily write it back in again.

I am very happy to have been introduced to such a great line of cups for my little ones, and I will continue to buy and use these cups. I am almost tempted to go and buy the younger ones for my next baby just in case when it comes time they have discontinued them.