Mineralogie helped me this year to help me to achieve that beautiful natural look. For one of my Christmas parties I used their “Parfait” Lip gloss which really made my pout stand out. It isn’t packed with colour and just gives your lips a natural shade of sparkle. I love Mineralogie’s gloss as it is not heavy and stick but yet is it not drippy and runs down them lips.  This is a great gloss as well for on top of them lipsticks to give them a little more shine and bling.

Lip Gloss
RRP: $32.99
Bring luscious back to your lips with Mineralogie's natural Lip Gloss. Our new natural formula provides the sheerness and shine you expect in a gloss with the added benefit of light, yet rich color without the stickiness. Wear it alone or as an added boost to your lipstick. Mineralogie's Natural Lip Gloss glides on smoothly and actually feels good on your lips. Paraben free with a soothing silky texture. Available in a wide range of shades which means it will be easy to find one that is perfect for you!

I also used Mineralogies eyeliner in Jet Black. This is a good eyeliner when you’re after something not extremely heavy and light. But if you want to achieve that look say with a smokey eye or something you can just layer it up and it will go really dark. Some eyeliners really irritate my eyes and leave them red and stinging, but not this one. It also out lasts a lot of my other liners, although when it comes to removing it you would think it is a nightmare. But nope I was proved wrong once again, it easily comes of with a makeup wipe (I swear by my makeup wipes.)


Eye Liner
RRP : $32.00
Our smooth, mineral rich eye liner glides on and stays put. Infused with protective jojoba oil that makes accentuating the eyes a pleasure.

Matte & Shimmer Eye Shadow
RRP: $35.00
Our Loose Mineral Eye Shadows are formulated with the same healthy ingredients found in our mineral foundation. Ultra- fine mineral eye shadow glides on effortlessly and feels as good as it looks. Rich, radiant colour stays where you put it until you take it off. As versatile as they are long lasting, our mineral eye shadow is available in a 2 gram shaker jar.

I was also sent a Lavender Splash Shimmer eyeshadow. Do not be put off by this name, its hardly even purple. It’s a colour that is hard to describe, in some light it looks like a light purple but in most light it looks like a sparkly pink colour. It is really pretty and one I love to shade in with some brown on my eyes for a really pretty duo colour look.
There are so many shades I would love to try in this range, the shimmer is my favourite by far.. The light just reflects off this shadow so beautifully and makes your eyes stand out so perfectly. The shimmer shadow also stays on your eyes for hours and hours, pretty much until you are ready to take it off. I actually struggled to get some of the shimmer particles off my eye area.