Burts Bee’s makes me weak at the knees

Burt's Bees makes me weak at the knees

  Burt's Bees for me. I was so excited and full of glee, when my package arrived at the door! I had to get myself together and pick my jaw off the floor!

Ok enough of the rhymes haha and down to business. I was sent a lovely pack that I would be head over heels to receive for Xmas!! And I am very angry a myself for not getting this up before Christmas L But this would make a perfect birthday gift, or just a gift to let someone know you care.

This pack was called the Sweet Kiss, 
it contained the following:

Pink Grapefruit Lip balm
Strawberry Lip shimmer
Hibiscus tinted Lip balm
Geneine Honey Compact Mirror

This is a swatch of the strawberry lip shimmer.

It's so much value for money, and you really can't overlook the quality of their products! I love how your lips are left feeling fully hydrated and feeling like a million bucks!

I also love the tinted balm you receive in the pack. It's not full on but enough to notice, it's really nice to pop in that clutch when you are going out. The duration the balms stay on your lips is also fantastic..

Also another one I should mention is the strawberry lip shimmer, this is beautiful almost a cross between a lipstick and a balm, except for the fact it doesn’t end up all over your teeth (like the lovely Santa’s little helpers we saw today at the shopping centre Christmas parade.) With a lovely light pink shade it compliments your natural lips making them look and smell divine!

Then there is the oober cute little mirror that is small enough to fit in your purse, in your clutch, in your handbag; you name it; it will fit there to. It’s a really cute summers hibiscus design mirror, very pretty and will remind you of a tropic holiday.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE my Burt's Bees pack!

 So if your looking for that special gift for that special some one, why not try one of these packs under the tree :-) I'm sure you'll leave the receiver with a smile from ear to ear. If I didn’t receive this pack for review it would very much be on my wish list right up there with my GHD!!