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Ok now I don’t like to admit this as we try and be as healthy as possible in this house, especially to better the girls future and healthy eating habits. But there is one thing we just cannot get rid of in this house and that is soft drink and just fizzy drinks in general… It is sad to say that Matt and I are quite hooked on softdrink, him on Coke and me with my lemonade.

So when I was approached by BIONADE [Bee-oh-nah-deh]: A healthy, organic drink that is made through fermentation like beer but is fizzy and tasty like soft drink, I could not say no and I didn’t.

I thought that maybe if this stuff tasted great then we could kick the softy in this house FOREVER.  But not everyone can like this stuff and my partner was one of them, me on the other hand LOVED it. And I loved that I knew it was good for me and there was no immediate sugar rush like there is with lemonade.

BIONADE comes in four unique flavours including Ginger & Orange (zesty and spicy), Lychee (crisp and fruity), Elderberry (berry-licious), and Herbs (fresh and mellow); delicious, fresh and distinctive flavours developed using real juices and natural ingredients.

My favourite flavour of Bionade would certainly have to be Lychee as it is the sweetest and has a nice fruit flavour to it but this is closely followed by elderberry.
Elderberry is the only one that Matt actually liked- but no he didn’t love it and would not buy it again.

The least fav of the flavs was of course the Herbs. This tastes a lot like a bubbly cold tea and not for my tastebuds. Now it is not like an ice tea as I would love that but it is more like drinking an English tea that has been turned into a fizzy drink.

BIONADE is bikini-body friendly with 60 per cent less calories than traditional soft drinks making it the ideal substitute to sugary summer sips and an alcohol-free alternative for the silly season.

The only soft drink I ever let touch my girls lips now, thank goodness!! They both love this drink and like to drink it right out of the bottle like Mummy and Daddy. 

Certified organic in both raw ingredients and production, BIONADE contains no added sugar, is free from preservatives, colourants and artificial flavours, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten free. It contains plenty of good stuff like calcium and magnesium and is without the bad ones; it’s low in sodium and phosphorous free.

•    100% certified organic in both raw materials and production 
•   Low in sugar and carbohydrates
•   Up to 60% lower in calories than other soft drink brands
•   Gluten free
•   Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
•   No colorants, preservatives, artificial flavours or other nasties typical in other brands on the market. 
Refreshing flavours including Elderberry, Lychee, Herbs and the spicy yet fruit, Ginger and Orange. 

BIONADE $4.00 RRP can be purchased at local cafés, health food stores and online. Serve straight or over ice, and drink your way to a better life. I will be buying these again and making that healthy change to my poor body which has been drowned in lemonade for way to long.
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