Coffee Cravings at bay with | MR BLACK

I know the first thing my Mum does when she wakes up is head straight to the kitchen and make her expresso coffee. I remember growing up waking up to that smell and knowing it was time to rise and shine.
For me I have never been a massive coffee drinker and only ever drank it occasionally. But after going out for drinks with the girls and was introduced to the Espresso Martini I have all of a sudden had a flame lit in my heart for coffee. I think the reason for me not liking coffee is due to the fact I was drinking it alllll wrong haha.

So I hit the market to see what products were out there that I could create my own little drinks for when I have guests. This is where I found MR BLACK.
MR BLACK made headlines in 2013 for being the first alcohol brand in the world to use crowdfunding to launch a new product. Their campaign on Australian website Pozible ( was oversubscribed by more than 250% attracting the interest of both the trade and coffee-loving Australians. “The response was incredible,” said Tom Baker, co-founder of MR BLACK Spirits. “We expected to sell a few bottles to our friends and family but things really took off.”
Having never seen a bottle like this, I know collectors of alcohol bottles will fall in love. I know long after this bottle has been finished the actual bottle will remain on the Top Shelf ;-)
The flavours of MR BLACK is unlike anything I have tasted before. I wish that I could have a taste-a-gram but they have not yet made them. I honestly drink this just by itself, or on the rocks if I want something cold, or if I don’t have time to whip up a cocktail I just add a splash to my usual coffee. My Mum will agree, this is the best alcoholic beverage she has tasted in her life… And that almost 30 years of drinking different bevy’s!!
MR BLACK was created to deliver the all important taste of batch coffee in a distilled spirit. “It’s not for everyone,” says head distiller Phillip Moore, “We don’t trick it up with other flavours like vanilla or caramel that ask as mask.”
With its office in Sydney and distillery in Erina, MR BLACK is the first new spirits brand Sydney has seen. Founded by distiller Phillip Moore and designer Tom Baker, their namesake product MR BLACK was awarded the gold medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, the highest accolade ever achieved by an Australian distiller.
Tom Baker is the managing director and co-founder of MR BLACK. A designer by trade, he has worked for many of the industry heavyweights including Diageo, CUB, Beam and Pernod Ricard.
Philip Moore is the head distiller and co-founder of MR BLACK. Philip has run Distillery Botanica in Erina for the last seven years, winning numerous international awards for his distilled creations.

Dale Bigeni is an artist and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. He shot to fame in the Sydney creative scene after winning the ‘Secret Walls’ live art competition in 2013.
 You can also catch MR BLACK at the Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Event coming up on the 9th of Feb, where I am sure some killer cocktails and drinks will be whipped up and even meet the creator himself :-) To get tickets just head to