Colours of the season | With L'Oreal, Essie and Maybelline

So lately I have noticed a lot more then usual turquoise, coral and purple colours at the Golden Globes and also on the run way, which has inspired me to hunt down some must have make-up pieces to suit the season. 

It is not like me to go all out there and have extreme eyes, but I do have a dress up party coming up and the theme is disco. So I think the first product is a MUST

L’Oreal Color Riche Quad in Disco Smoking
4 perfectly matched, easy-to-use sumptuous colours. Choose just the right colours to make your eyes look their biggest, brightest and most attractive.
Achieve an amazing make-up result:
Ultimate Sensorality - Creamy and Silky Texture
Precise and easy application - Comfortable and easy 
Rich Payoff - High Pigment Concentration
Is a perfect and one that will be sure to get heads turning. As with most of L’Oreal quads they give you a map of the eye and where the certain numbers go. You don’t have to wear them like this though and can use just the one colour or them all. In the photo, I just did a quick demo of how they suggest wearing it on the back, If it were me I would put the dark purple on the lid and the pink on the upper brow line. But just for showing purposes I thought I would do it this way.

Now if your not into that extreme look Maybelline have a quad that is perfect with almost the same colours just different shades and arrangements.

Maybelline Big Eyes by EYESTUDIO in Luminous Purple

Back in my high school days a light lilac and purple were my signature eye colours and then I moved onto the more boring colours of life. 
But after receiving this quad it re-ignited my love for colours that are different and out of my comfort zone.
I wouldn’t say this is a leap out of my colour zone as the colours are light and blend in nicely together creating a light but lovely eye. 
This reminds me of the L’oreal discosmoking quad but more low-key.

Maybelline Bigeyes by EYESTUDIO in Luminous Turquoise

I have worn this quad three days in a row now and have had so many compliments. 
I will often wear eye-shadow without any facial cosmetics applied to my face just to mask my tired eyes. Pink, cream, silver, and of course Turquoise are the colours that make up this quad.
Both of these quads are perfectly baked and go on silky soft and fluffy and set nicely on the eyes. 

Now that is the eyes covered with the latest colours of this season I will move onto the nails.

Of course I am sticking to these colours and brands as I don’t want to add to many things to the mix. The only new addition to this post is Essie.
I have been a big fan of Essie since having 3 bottles brought back for me about 4 years ago from America and I think loved it as it was a brand that was hard to find back then. Now it is everywhere and I am a happy cookie.

Left: Meet Me at Sunset
Right: Turquoise and Caicos

The two colours I bring to you are
Essie Nail Lacquer- Turquoise and Caicos
This is a beautiful light turquoise colour with a formula to match. With all of my Essie polishes I hardly ever have to apply more then one coat, which is the same with this one- one coat does the trick.

Essie Nail Lacquer- Meet Me at Sunset
If you picture a sunset in Hawaii this is almost what you would get. I have loved this shade for a long time now and am so happy I can say it is apart of my collection. It is a lovely orange/red shade which is neither more red or more orange but pretty much smack bang in the middle.