Summer Relief | OUCH! Spray

My knight in shining armour came along last week.. Well actually it wasn’t a knight, he wasn’t in armour and well he wasn’t even a “he.” My saviour came in the form of a little white, flat spray bottle. It is called OUCH! And let me tell you if the mozzies love your blood like they do mine then this is the product for you. 

 OUCH! Is not only used for relief of mosquito bites but the benefits of OUCH! Also include:
Relief from insect bites, midges, marine stings, sea lice & sunburn  Instant effectiveness

 100% herbal & certified organic
 Child safe
 Suitable for all jelly fish stings including the European Medusa Jellyfish  Not tested on animals and Certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia
I love this spray as it is small enough to fit comfortably in my handbag, or even my purse so it can come with me EVERYWHERE!  Because of it’s credit-card size, Ouch slips easily into a pocket, purse, kayak or backpack and each tiny pack dispenses 300 micro burst sprays. You can take Ouch camping, to the beach, out to dinner, wherever the kids are playing or keep it on your bedside table.
Last week Madison was eaten alive by some sort of insect and only being 2 years of age did not really know what was going on but knew they were itchy and then hurt. So I sprayed the OUCH! Spray onto her bites and almost immediately the itching and burning stopped.
I know it says it is great for sunburn, but I tried this stuff on a burn I had on my hand from a pot of boiling water that decided to be rude and spit at me. It stung like heck immediately when I applied but after about 5 seconds, strangely enough the pain stopped completely and was not what I expected. Not only did it take the edge of the pain but made the pain stop completely.
OUCH! Is now packed away in our camping gear to take away with us wherever we go on out trips. 
Summer Sting Relief WIthout The Chemicals- OUCH!
Ouch Instant Herbal Sting Relief Spray is Australia’s only instantly effective sting relief product without chemicals. 100% herbal and organic, Ouch is safe to use for adults and children and instantly relieves irritation from insect bites, pain from jellyfish stings and sunburn.
Ouch Spray can be found across Australia in the following outlets:
Aussie Disposals
Selected Billabong & Quicksilver Stores Fishing Stores
Organic Grocers
5 reasons I love OUCH!
·      It actually works and stops the sting and work to cool and numb the skin.
·      It is the ONLY sting relief product indorced by choose cruelty free.
·      Is the ONLY product that removed residual poison and venom from the skin.
·      Does not smell horrible like a lot of other product. Don’t get me wrong the smell is not the best and something I would wear for the sake of it but it works!!
·      The size of a credit card and is super light.

Please visit to order online for delivery worldwide or further information about Ouch Spray.