Back to school with Australian Office

Thanks to Australian Office my butt has been kicked into action when it comes to getting Hayley ready for her first ever year of school. I have been putting it off and I think the reason for this is because I am honestly scared to let my little girl go. But after receiving a care package from Australian Office with an array of books, I started to get excited knowing I could start covering books and just buying the general school stuff (stationary has always been a soft spot of mine.)

Stationery brands Tudor, Tudor Eco, Reflex and Olympic offer an array of clever ideas to help students stay on top of their homework and juggle the demands on their time.
I was never a child that got bored when it came to buying stationary and books for school it actually excited me. And now I get to do it without actually going to school- except for pick up and drop off haha. And after seeing Hayley’s face when these arrived I know that she also feels the same.
Whether it is exercise books, botany books, graphic books, sketch books, binder books or note pads, Tudor has a solution to meet your students’ needs for subjects including maths, English, music and art. The Tudor Eco range converts waste paper into functional exercise books with 60 per cent recycled pages and sturdy 100 per cent recycled cardboard covers.
Their ranges of books start at a mere $.38 and go upwards from there, so it is nothing that will break the bank when ticking off those things from the school list.

My favourite books from the entire range would have to be
Olympic’s NEW ‘PP’ range
Durable plastic covers which are wipeable and designed to withstand day-to-day rough and tumble.
Easy to find booklist reference located on the front cover.
Available in a variety of page numbers and colours, from 48 to 192 pages in exercise or binder format.
I love that they have hard plastic covers on them already and would come in handy for a child when they have many different subjects to easily identify that lets say green goes with English.  Plus even though I love doing it, some parents don’t like having to cover their childs book, so this cuts the time and effort there.

One of the books I think they will most use in prep and grade 1 would be the Tudor 14mm Dotted Thirds, as this would be the best book to help teach your little one in where to place letters and numbers in the lines.  

I also have some really handy tips that were given to me in regards to children and their homework and ways to make homework a lot less stressful on both parties.

Mrs Curwood’s tips to help plan your homework:
    Understand the assignment. You can waste a lot of time trying to remember what you were supposed to do. Write it down. Ask questions.
    Don’t wait until you get home. Got a spare half hour at school? The more work you get done there, the less you’ll have to do at home.
    Develop a schedule. Especially important if you have a lot of sports or other activities.
    Work where you can work. Not in front of the TV. Not in a noisy kitchen. Not in the family room where your brothers and sisters are playing.
    Make yourself comfortable. A comfy chair. A desk. All the stuff you need within reach. Getting up and down to get pens, books etc., breaks your concentration.
    Don’t waste time if you don’t know. Give it your best shot. If you get stuck on a problem and a parent can’t help, move on to other homework. Ask the teacher for help the next day. Remember that’s one of the purposes of homework.
    Take a break. Even if you love the subject, you’ll lose concentration after a while and start drifting. Better to take a 15 minute break and freshen up.
    Don’t load up on junk. Homework does not get easier with a huge bag of chips. You do not need a sugar hit from a chocolate bar. Don’t use homework as a time to binge, it will make you sluggish.
    Allow time to check. Just before you hand it in is the wrong time to find out you’ve left off an important bit of information.
    Put it in your bag. Only thing worse than not doing your homework, is doing it and leaving it home. Put it in your bag when you finish it. In the morning you’ll have so much other stuff going on you might forget.

To help parents purchase the correct exercise book for each subject, each education book has a unique reference code printed on the front to include on your schools book lists. Find out which exercise books your child needs by visiting