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The New Year will be here before we know it and with that comes a new school year, which can be a busy and overwhelming time for parents. For me personally I think this time is more full on compared to the lead up to Christmas. This is a first time thing for me, so I still have many years to get used to it and settle in. But Mister Minit has some great solutions that will keep children and teens organised for their busy year ahead, including back to school kits, leather polishes, funky keys for the home and key rings to help distinguish school bags.

See the full range on offer at over 232 Mister Minit shops across Australia and New Zealand and don’t forget engraving is also an option if you want to ensure your child’s items don’t stray this school year.
School shoes for me were a big thing for me when I was a kid, as I know how bad it was having bad shoes and how much my feet hurt at the end of the day. So I don’t mind spending that little bit more of school shoes to ensure Hayley goes to school with pain free feet. I do however want to keep them in the best possible shape and the most amount of wear and tear. Obviously you cannot control what your child does at school and how they treat their shoes, I can however look after her shoes and make sure they don’t look ratty.
Mister Minit has the perfect, affordable pack for you to purchase to keep them toots in shape for school. I personally love the Back to School kit and it is something every mum should have in her laundry along with black shoe polish.
Back to School Kit:
RRP - $14.95Features:
ü Renovating Polish (75ml)     ü Instant Shine Sponge      
ü Shoe Laces
You don’t only have to use this on the kids school shoes, but also hubby’s dress shoes or any black shoe you may have laying around ( I have used them on my black leather pumps!!)
 Mister Minit adopts the ‘while you wait, while you shop’ approach and most of their services can be completed in the time it takes you to finish the weekly shop. So next time you’re wondering where to go for all of your back to school needs, think of Mister Minit – your one stop shop for your everyday needs. For specific Mister Minit locations,