Australia Day Sweets | Thanks to’s yummy new range includes the joojoos special limited edition collection just for Australia Day with joojoos True Blue jelly beans, Aussie red, blue and white buds and green and gold buds and green and gold jelly beans.

Get creative with a drool-inducing candy buffet that the kids and adults will love. has done the hard work for you and curated a collection of confectionary in shades of red, white and blue and green and gold from the traditional favourites to exciting new varieties.  Set up a candy buffet of this delicious tucker and be prepared for your Australia Day party to become the stuff of legends.
This time around our Australia Day party is not going to be anything big and probably not at home. So we will be taking these beauties with us, and show casing them in a nice bowl or something. Next year though is a totally different story as we will have the decking done and put on a great Australia Day/ Triple J hottest 100 party and will have a spectacular candy bar.
Our family faves were the Aussie True Blue beans- a real hit. Plus in my opinion these guys tasted the best and were gluten free, which made my life all the more easier when providing sweets for some of my guests that have diet restrictions. I love that these taste amazing while being gluten free, which is quite hard to find in this day and age. 
For a sweet take on the traditional Pavlova why not get adventurous and top it off with yellow and green chocolate freckles?  Or, cool off during dessert with homemade lemonade icy poles with red and blue or green and yellow frozen candies inside them. 

This Australia Day make it all about sharing the sugary fun.  Throw a snag on the Bar-B and fill those Australian flag paper bowls with lollies  They’ll provide the hit a six and impress your mates with your backyard cricket skills.  With every celebration is sweet as candy. The only difficulty you’ll have is trying not to order too much.
If ever I was to get married I would certainly be having a candy bar with the colour theme to match the wedding. I also know where I will be getting them from, and of course letting every one know. This place is of course: an Australian owned and operated online family business that is ultimate lolly lover’s virtual destination. The store is a one stop shop for everything lolly imaginable, with over 500 varieties available 24/7.  Order from the new range of Australian themed lollies, or pick a few traditional favourites for an exciting sugar injection to your Australia Day celebrations.
At there is no minimum order, which can be as small as 25g bags to massive 10kg bags to cater for any event. The prices will leave you feeling sweet too. At Big Lolly you cut out the middleman and go direct to the supplier, without compromising on quality. The range is 15% to 25% cheaper than the major supermarkets private label lollies and leading Australian confectionery brands. And with free shipping to anywhere in Australia on all orders over $60, is the most cost effective way to buy confectionery for your event, party or pantry.
Make this Australia Day celebration a Big Lolly occasion, with memorable sweet ideas to wow and excite.
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