Target’s Greatest Toy Sale on Earth

The Target’s Greatest Toy Sale on Earth kicked off almost a week ago, and as always Target held an amazing preview event for a lucky few; and I was invited to come along to this jaw dropping event.

To begin with I had no idea where I was heading on Little Lonsdale St, but before long I was greeted by a Target lady as circus ring leader, dressed in Target’s signature red, black, white and holding a Target lollypop (like that you would find a traffic controller holding.)  

So then it was a little mission trying to get the pram down this dark alley way, and around the corner until the laneway was lit up with Target spotlights and a red carpet to match. We were at the back of the Thousand £ Bend, which is somewhere I had never thought of heading for a night out, but will keep it in mind as the front café was buzzing. Anyway, so the girls and I walked up the red carpet feeling a little A-lister-like where we were greeted by more Target circus ringleaders- only these ones were holding bubbly beverages for us older kids and flavored milk for the real kids.

I could have counted to 5 before I lost the girls in two different directions. Hayley who is 5 headed straight to the girly corner of Ever After High to have her nails and hair attended to.

While my youngest ran straight to the Peppa Pig section to play.

In the middle of the room there was an amazing carousel filled with little black Mercedes Benz 
and Cat diggers for the kids to ride.
 But if they were big enough I can tell you now this big kid would have jumped on for a ride J

There was also a star wars area where there were quite a few Lego areas set up to play, and a photobooth.
To the right of that there was Hot Wheels set up and a helicopter launching pad (miniature toy ones of course.) Also there was an area where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were set up, and this is also where I would find Madison who is 3 spending a lot of her time- just like her Mummy! I used to love the TMNT as a child so it is great to see them returning to shelves for our children to enjoy.

As always Target has amazing service and catering is never short of perfect. At the end of the night there was a surprise dessert arriving, and I had no idea they meant an ice-cream truck will show up at the door step. Of course Madison took advantage of this and treated herself to an ice-cream.

 We then headed back inside and prepared to leave, but before we did the girls were lucky enough to receive a lucky dip.

Basically this night was to give us a sneak peak at the Top Target toys and ones that will fly out the door when the sale begins. I can confirm they were spot on, and as I headed into the Toy Sale yesterday the shelves were quickly becoming empty and all those Top Toys were going out the door like hot cakes. I couldn’t help myself and left the store with the Peppa Pig playset as my girls had so much fun- plus for $99 you get so much included in the one playset, so I was SOLD!

I would encourage every family out there to take advantage of Target’s toy sale and of course their Christmas Lay-by as to be realistic its less then half a year away now and before you know it Xmas will come knocking on the door.

If you would like to find out more about The Greatest Toy Sale on Earth you can head to the link below: