Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove 2014

Last Sunday our little clan ventured out into the wild Melbourne Winter weather, which to be honest you don’t know what you are going to get. And were quite surprise when I found the sun shining and not too much wind around.

This was my first venture out since undergoing surgery on my stomach (which I will make a post about and fill everyone in, I just have to wait for my results in August so I can actually let everyone know the details and what is going on). I was quite scared to hurt myself further, as I had already ripped one of my stitchers out but the want to see my girls smile overpowered anything else I was feeling- and lucky for me I had Mr. Daddy man there to help me with the girls.
So you guys might actually now be wondering where we ventured off to.. If you couldn't tell by the above photo of my little Minnie Mouse and princess, we of course being huge Disney fans headed off to into the world of Disney on Ice once again.

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove brings many of our all time favourites as well as the newer Disney Characters to the ice.
Get lost with Rapunzel and Flynn and enter the worlds of your other favourite Disney princesses - CinderellaJasmineArielSleeping BeautyBelleMulan and Snow White.  Set sail with Peter Pan, the always playful Tinker Bell and the cunning Captain Hook and his crew as they head on an adventure beyond Never Land!  Trek through the wilderness and wildlife of Africa with SimbaNalaPumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the ‘Circle of Life.’  Embark on a mischievous ride with WoodyJessie and Buzz Lightyear from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story and explore the mystical and marvelous Wonderland with Alice and the Mad HatterDisney On Ice presents Treasure Trove will take Australian audiences on the journey of a lifetime.

The girls (ok and secretly myself), are massive fans of Disney On Ice and for the past 3 years- even before having Madison, we have been to the Disney on Ice show and watched in complete awe how these performers skate and carve up that ice like it is nothing. I am telling you a few weeks ago I tried my hand at ice-skating and was a failure landing on my butt more then once (I do believe my butt was on the ice more then my skates). Yet here are these Disney on Ice Performers spinning, twirling and jumping through the air with ease. I think I only saw one fall for the entire show, which is spectacular.

The opening act this year really did change from all other years I have been and instead of opening the show with Mickey and Minnie we were surprised to see Toy Story was the opening act for this one. It all starts with a Treasure Chest in the middle of the ice rink (well rectangle) which makes sense considering this was the Treasure Trove show.
Each year not too much changes and a lot of the acts remain the same, but hey my girls watch the Disney Frozen movie over and over again which is kind of the same thing. Although I think being a Treasure Trove show, it was their while of compiling the best of’s into one show, which makes sense.

The girls favourite once again this year was Tinkerbell- well Peter Pan but, part of the act where Tinkerbell came flying in and sprinkled her fairy dust everywhere and also the fireworks went off.

My favourite this year was my childhood favourite, which I used to watch on repeat and drive my family crazy- The Lion King. I was singing along to every single song and lyric there was :-) I felt like a child again, even if it was briefly. 

There was even a giant elephant on Ice :-) 

One thing I really give credit to is the teams timing with intervals, it is just as the kids get restless and same with the end of the show. I know with my kids towards the end of this show they became restless and a little grumpy- but this was probably due to the fact it was past their dinner time and their bed time J

Disney on Ice is a fantastic school holiday activity and one that if you go to, you will not be disappointed. Although be prepared to spend up as the merchandise WILL cost you a small fortune, the girls flashing cups with ice in them cost $18 a piece! 

I don’t care what anybody says, I saw adults there with no children- but I WILL NEVER EVER be too old for Disney on Ice, but thankfully anyway I can always use the kids as an excuse haha.