Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! returns to the shores of Melbourne in 2014

Cold Winter’s day in Melbourne, and even colder on the bay of St Kilda beach. But in a matter of minutes we were going to escape this cold and make a dash for the Palais Theatre for a morning filled with sillies and giggles thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba.
Yo Gabba Gabba returned to the shores of Australia (almost literally on the shore line of St Kilda) for the return of their Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Show.

Last year as you may all be aware we went to the Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Show, you can see my review HERE. So I thought it would be great this year to compare the two shows and see how much they had changed if at all.

Firstly I need to give credit to DJ Lance Rock, I don’t know how this bloke can get on stage over and over again and perfom the same songs and dance and each and every time with so much enthusiasm and electrifying energy- I think he should get into the ears of many performers these days, as this within itself is raw talent.

This time last year my girls weren’t as into Yo Gabba Gabba as they are now and back then didn’t know many of their songs. So it was great this year to be able to take them along and watch them sing and dance to their favourite songs such as “I like to dance.”

Even Daddy (Matt) and Mummy (me) walked out of there humming and even singing along to their songs. That “Wiggle, Wiggle STOP. Wiggle, Wiggle, STOP.. HOLDDD STILLLL” is still running through my head now, weeks after.
This show was very similar to the last and the only things that have changed were the Dancey Dance buddy and a special guest who came on and performed an amazing song.
The Dancey Dance Buddy this year was no other then Chrissie Swan, who was quite laid back in her appearance but also had a lot of fun up there on the stage. She instructed the little kids what the dance moves would invole, but then got a little caught up and laughed to herself when the music started and the moves were to be performed faster.

The special guest they had this year was Adilita, which is a favourite of Matt’s and I found him singing along to the song she played and singing into Madison’s ear J Bit of a cute Daddy Moment.
If there was one thing I would love to suggest for next year is there should be a part where children can dance and get those sillies out. The staff there tell you that your child can dance in front of their site, but one if they are small they cannot see and two there is not even 30cm’s to dance in. So it makes it a little hard for the little ones to get really involved when they are ushered back into their seats from the isle, as they want to dance along with Dj Lance and his friends.

Lots and lots of bubbly fun
All in all the show was great and Madison had handfuls of fun, and Mummy and Daddy were happy to escape the elements of Winter in Melbourne.
We will return next year (that is if they will do the honour of returning back to Melbourne again this year).
If you saw this show I would love to hear your thoughts and favourite parts.
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