Play Along with Sam on Nick Jr

Play Along with Sam is a hosted weekday morning music block showcasing Sam Moran’s musical talents in a highly educational and curriculum-based format. In his signature safari suit, Sam will sing 20 new original songs, playfully encourage preschoolers to explore his colourful world through music and movement. Set in his playroom, Sam is eager to share the things he discovers with littlies at home. Both my daughter and I loved Sam on the Wiggles as he was full of life and also made my daughter giggle with glee every time he was in camera shot pulling his funny faces. Hayley said he had caterpillar eyebrows as they wiggled up and down so nicknamed Sam “CatyPillar.”

Developmental learning is a focus of Play Along with Sam, the series invites viewer interaction and participation. Sam leads viewers on a playful journey through movement, music, letters, wordplay, imaginative games, problem solving and more.

Play Along with Sam will air from Monday May 6 on Nick Jr. from 10.00am - midday in a dedicated weekday morning music block wrapped around Nick Jr.’s top rating programmes: The Fresh Beat Band, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies and Dora the Explorer.

Here is a little bit of info and background about Sam you like to know about. Known to parents and children worldwide and at home as the ex-Yellow Wiggle,
Sam Moran has spent most of his life singing and performing. Nick Jr.’s Play Along with Sam is the perfect next step for Moran. Sam has been working hard writing 20 new songs for the new series and is excited to share his music with his supportive fans as he embarks on the next phase of his career.
Hailing from the NSW country town of Wagga Wagga, Sam was born to entertain. He was only a preschooler himself when he showed talent for music. Always with an instrument in his hand, he finally found a great singing teacher at the age of 14 and has been singing and playing ever since. There isn’t an instrument this guy can’t play!

This house cannot wait to see Sam back in action and especially running his own show, it shall be good.  We will be sitting on the couch getting ready to dance on May the 6th, which is perfect because Hayley doesn’t have kindergarten.