Grown Alchemist Lip Balm

RRP: $19.95

I have heard some beauties say they dont like this balm as it leaves their lips feeling oily or whatnot. But for me a balm is meant to be oily, and nothing else. With saying that it is not like slapping on some greasy oil on your lips. It is more like a shiny deep moisturising coat to the lips which if you use a little product you hardly know it is there, but then again if your going to lather it on your lips you will get a greasy feeling. I love using this product on top of my lipsticks that are not high sheen, as it makes my lips bling (especially in photos.)

One thing I will agree with all the reviews I have read is the simple fact that this product smells divine. You can really smell the sweet watermelon smell as you glide it on your lips. The other great thing is the lip balm doesnt actually have a taste, which certainly does prevent me from licking my lips and licking the entire product away.

Receiving this as a PR media sample and not buying this myself (THANK YOU GROWN ALCHEMIST), I instantly jumped online to see what products Grown actually had. I fell in love with the simple but yet effective packaging and had to see if this Is what all their products looked like. And the do, it differs from white packaging, to black and even some silver in there. I love it to be honest, for me the products look like they have just been brought out form the lab. But not only that I have also recently read the effort that Grown have taken to ensure you receive only the best. The have protected your product from light, liquid and air to ensure the product you put on your skin is exactly how the product went into the tube. And you want to know the best thing about them? The fact that they are made right here in Victoria!!

This is my favourite ORGANIC lip balm by far. I have already made a GROWN Alchemist wish list, as so many of their products sound amazing.