Nivea Stress Protect

I never had actually thought about it until this little package arrived.  How much people sweat when they’re in a stressful situation, it may not even be physical stress but more an emotional sort of stress, yet you still sweat profusely.  I have noticed this myself with work, when a big client comes into work I often find myself quite clammy in the hands and then noticed my armpits getting sweaty.

But now Nivea has created something that is one of its kind in Australia at the moment and I am not even sure there is anything else like this on the market in Oz.

NEW NIVEA Stress Protect deodorant
RRP: $3.78 for the roll on and $6.59 for the aerosol.

A unique antibacterial formula of Stress Protect actives and a zinc complex provides extra protection in stressful situations to help you keep your emotional stress sweating under control.

This smells like any other normal anti-perspirant deodorant, with a low scent, which will not clash with your perfume or anything like that.

So no it was up to me today to put this to the test. Today I had an interview with my daughter’s school for next year and I was quite nervous, as I don’t really like being put under the spotlight and being asked questions on the spot.
But this day was also 32 degrees, and in Melbourne that is quite hot as our weather is really funny.  The interview only went for 40 minutes or so and questions were being thrown everywhere.  But I know for one thing I walked out of that principal’s office with complete dry armpits, which is fantastic. Any other anti-perspirant deodorant and it wouldn’t have worked, I was actually quite shocked on the results.

I know I have posted about another deodorant highlighting the fact that I have had quite sensitive armpits from shaving lately. Which every year come the end of Summer where I shave every single day, they have had enough and become quite raw. The Nivea Stress Protect didn’t agitate my armpits or make them sore either, not even straight after a shave. A lot of anti-perpirants say do not use right after shaving… But lets face it when you get out of the shower the first thing I reach for is the can!!

Love it, and will continue to stock this product in my cupboard.