My outfit for the Target Launch and Preview

My outfit today at the Target Launch and Preview.

Today I hit the town nice and early for a High Tea with Target and their team for the launch of some amazing new products and clothes.
To this event I wore my BRAND NEW WALNUT BOOTS These were the Edie Ankle, and let me tell you I regret not owning a pair before these. My feet have never been so warm in the colder months. Previously I have been wearing flats or even sandals in the cold wet months of Autumn and Winter and my feet have really paid. I remember last year at the football I would wear my flats and come half time my feet would tingle and when I touched them I couldn’t even feel them. Now I am so glad that boots are so in and I don’t have to feel that feeling EVER again!! I have already been on WALNUT’s site to figure out what shoes I will be buying next. I did also received a pair of Zara boots by WALNUT which I KNOW you will be seeing soon, I love them because they have that real country cowboy feel to them and they feel great to.  The main thing I love about WALNUT is the fact that they are from Melbourne, which is nice and close to me and I love supporting LOCAL companies and brands.

For accessories I kept it plain and simple with just a necklace from Lovisa and the ring my partner bought me for X-mas (NO were not engaged so don’t get excited.) But the necklace is all I needed!! As soon as I laid eyes on this piece I fell in love and was trying to figure out what other outfits will go with it. I have never really been a gold person, but it has grown on me since the last season when it was really in. I do love it now, and could even be close to saying I prefer gold over silver now!!

Then with my clothing I just wore my favourite pair of blue denim jeans with a aztec kind of desing top that I have had for a long time now and the tag is no longer on it so I can’t even tell you where I bought it from :0( But it is super comfy and hides bumps and lumps.

To find Lovisa accessories just head to
Or if you would also love to have a look a the boots WALNUT have to offer please head on over to their site where I am sure you will fall in love with something.