tri nature- Baby Expo Melbourne Sneak Peek

I was sent a great little packaging of a few sneak peek products that can be found at this years Baby and Toddler Expo in Melbourne.

Firstly I would love to go through the Tri Nature products for little ones. I love having my kids come out of the bath or shower smelling yummy and just so smellable.

Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner
RRP- $20.45 for a big 500ml bottle.
A creamy and delicious smelling hair shampoo/ conditioner that will make bath time a pleasure for your little ones. Gently cleans to remove the days adventures then conditions the hair to leave it soft, shiny, and tangle free. A fresh, fruity, non toxic fragrance your kids will love. Low irritant formula for sensitive little eyes. Gentle enough for daily use if required.

I really loved this 2 in 1, it left both of my kids hair looking healthy and shiny.
Also some products with my youngest daughter leave her curly locks a little dull and not as good as they should look. But this made her curls just bounce and look so alive and healthy.
I also love the smell of this product and the best way to describe it is a creamy bubblegum sort of smell. It actually reminds me of the smell of kid’s bubblegum toothpaste. I almost want to taste it to see if it tastes the same ;P

Body Wash- Watermelon Whirl 250mL
RRP- $12.95
Little One Kids Body Wash is a gentle foaming body wash that leaves delicate skin clean & nourished. Suitable for use in the bath or shower.
Enriched with Vitamin E and Wheat Proteins Little One Kids Body Wash is pH balanced and leaves the skin feeling pampered and moisturised. An excellent choice for young or delicate skin.

This is one of my favourite smelling products that I was sent from the tri nature range. It smells just like the watermelon bubblegum you can buy, except it isn’t unsafe and toxic like that stuff. The Body wash is also super gentle on the kids skin, and left them clean and sparkling. The biggest thing I loved about this product is the fact that my kids have had some severe tummy bug and it left them smelling so bad of vomit. No matter what I used the smell still somehow lingered, but when I tried this baby out it cleared the smell completely. To me this means it is cleaning deep into my children’s skin but doing it gently.

Bubble Bath in Raspberry 250mL
RRP- $10.45
The juicy, sweet, and vibrant aromas of fresh raspberry provide a bath time experience loved by all. With the bubbly foam and no-mess formula, Little One Bubble Bath proves a winner for the whole family.
Provides a gentle deep clean without stripping the moisture from your child's delicate skin. Low irritant formula for sensitive little eyes.

I love this one as well because it is not very often you find a bubble bath that makes lots of bubbles in only a few squirts. I have bought many “bubble baths” and have had to use over ten squirts just to get a little bubbles, which isn’t fun and can be quite costly in the long run. But with Tri Natures Bubble bath I only had to use 3-4 squirts and the kids had loads of bubbles. This bubble bath also smells edible and delicious. Tri Nature also has a Jasmine and Musk bubble bath, which I am dying to try out, as it sounds so yummy!!

Baby’s Air Freshener
RRP- $9.95
Little One Baby's Air Freshener has been specially developed as a multipurpose room fragrance and odour removal spray.
Unlike ordinary air fresheners, Little One Baby's Air Freshener features an innovative soy-based odour-removing ingredient which safely removes unpleasant odours in an instant. Enriched with Lavender & Tea Tree pure essential oils to lightly freshen the air and promote a sense of calm.

As I mentioned above my family has gone through a bought of not very nice tummy bug or gastro. So this has meant unexpected vomiting and nappy explosions from my poor little princess. The result of this has been on stinky room, so we tried opening her window and air it out for the entire day but this did not work the best. I have scrubbed her room with Eucalyptus and sprayed it with Glen 20 to make sure all the germs are gone, but the smell still came back. I have been spraying her room with this and it honestly rids the horrible smell.  I love this smell as well, it reminds me of a spa resort when you get natural massages and all.  I also use this in both of my daughters room before they go off to bed to give them a little bit of relaxation in the air, they love it. My eldest daughter Hayley won’t go to bed without her a spray of the sleepy spray now!!

All Tri Natures products are:
Made from 100% plant based ingredients
Packaged in recyclable plastic
Contains NO caustic alkalis, petroleum by-products, SLS, toxic colours & fragrances, EDTA, parabens or formaldehyde