Russell Hobbs- The Perfect Toast Toaster


Sharing a ‘cuppa’ and breaking bread are age-old traditions, however, there’s no doubt that burnt brioche or a tea that is just too hot can really ruin the moment. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to either throw the toasted bread away or sit there over the sink scraping the burnt bits away just so the kids will eat it. Come to think of it, I won't even eat toast if it is slightly burnt that charred flavour does nothing for me. My eldest Hayley is a cereal girl and my youngest is a toastie, so when I am preparing breakfast it isn’t uncommon for me to burn the toast while preparing WeetBix for Hayley.  Now, with Russell Hobbs’ NEW Perfect Toast Toaster you can have your toast just the way you like them. And now I don’t have to worry about where the kids are and what they are doing while prepping breakfast as they are sitting up at the bench watching the toast bake away.

 Another thing I really love about this toaster is the glass panel at the front will not burn hands as it barely gets warm, which for families with younger children or even children that are learning to make their own breakfast is a good safety precaution.

The Perfect Toast Toaster
RRP- $149.95
There’s nothing quite like starting the day with the morning ritual of tea and toast. However, all it takes is blackened bread or an undercooked bagel and the day is ruined. For the connoisseur of crusts, Russell Hobbs’ NEW Perfect Toast Toaster is the only solution. This great toaster comes in both Red and also the silver as shown on their website.

Russell Hobbs’ secret to success is the seven temperature settings and unique long lasting quartz elements, ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout the slice. If you’re the utter perfectionist, the bagel function will brown one side a little more than the other, making your
crumpets crunchy rather than crispy! For those who like to take control, the clear glass design will allow you to visually control when your toast is ready, making it both practical and presentable.

A great thing about this toaster is how easy the dials and temperature settings are to understand and use. Then there is the fab cancel button, so when you see your toast getting a little dark you can easily just press the button and your done.
There is no need for me to use my microwave or leave bread sitting on the bench to defrost now either, this clever little toaster also has a frozen setting so you can toast right away the way you like it, without burning.
I am quite a control freak and this Toaster and Me were just meant to be. 

I have already asked my hubby for the other half of this duo for Mothers Day, that is the Perfect Boil Kettle. We still almost live in the stone age when it comes to boiling water as we still use the stove and a good old pot. Although this does not always end good as I have gone to pour the water from the pot into a mug and the water got caught in the rim and burnt my whole thumb pretty bad. So I don’t make hot chocolates, teas and coffees like I used to anymore. And with the cold weather dawning on us I am really missing my mug of chamomile tea and honey.

Russell Hobbs has you sorted with the new Perfect Boil Kettle and Perfect Toast Toaster, ensuring the very best from your coffee, tea and toast.

I am thinking I may just leave this review open on my partners pillow ;-) with a HINT HINT, NUDGE NUDGE!!!