Want to look like you have just walked the Victoria Secrets runway? Now there is nothing stopping you with Australis all over face and body tint.
Australis all over face and body tint will leave skin looking streak free, supple and dewy. It will help you achieve that airbrush look that we all long for when watching the fashion runways.

Australis All Over Face & Body Tint
RRP- $19.95
Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and

The Australis All over Face and Body tint contains Vitamins A&C, Jojoba, rosehip, avocado and Pomegranate Oils.
It has been specially formulated to moisturize and condition the skin. It is a water based formula so it won’t clog up them pores and make you skin and face look oily. It is also super easy to wash of when it comes to cleaning time.

Available in three shades- Light, Medium and Dark.

When attending the Kiehl’s launch lastnight I was asking myself whether or not to fake tan or just wing it. But then I remembered the Australis all over and I thought to myself ‘why not whip it out tonight. I just wasn’t feeling fake tan and I didn’t want a look that was like I had been sunbaking all day.

So I applied some of the all over to my face and arms and it covered my blemishes and gave me a nice all over colour. My skin was glowing and I was so happy I opted for this rather then wasting my time with a fake tan. It has very good coverage and long wearing, which meant even though I packed it in my bag just in case, I never actually had to whip it out and re-apply.

I couldn’t get enough of this product I applied it to my face when going up to the post office this morning. I was asked two things; “are those your real lashes?” Although I would have loved to say yes, no L they are not mine!!
And the second question was “ What foundation do you use?” I told them I didn’t actually have foundation on this was my normal everyday skin just with Australis all over tint on it. This lady in particular asked where could she buy the product.

One thing I will be doing when wearing this again outside, is to add a little squirt of SPF to it to make sure I am protected from both blemishes and the sun. It would make for a perfect all over tinted sunscreen!

The bottle you get is also a very decent size and a little bit of the product goes a long way. I used a pea size amount on each of my arms.

Australis All Over is very affordable and does the job, it is a product I really love J I totally should become a poet hehe.

I would also LOVE to mention ALL of Australis products are animal friendly meaning no little creature has been harmed in the process of testing and making this product.

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