Disney Bambi and Arabella Ramsay team up for Target

Disney will be working with popular Australian designer Arabella Ramsay to create a limited edition sleepwear collection for Target Australia launching in April 2013.
The collection is Arabella's first collaboration with a global brand as well as her first foray into designing a sleepwear range. Aptly titled ‘Natures Bloom’, the collection is inspired by Arabella’s favourite Disney character Bambi, her family and the beauty and simplicity of nature and the Australian outdoors.
Comprising of seven vintage-styled pyjama pieces, Arabella brings her unique aesthetic to the range by combining yardage prints with vintage sketches of Bambi and illustrations of Australian animals, which were provided by her father and renowned artist Dougal Ramsay.
The nostalgic collection will be landing in Target stores nationally from April 2013, just in time for Mother’s Day and Arabella stars in the campaign shoot with her two daughters Marlowe and Lottie. The beautiful photo shoot took place on the stunning property where Arabella grew up on in Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.
The range uses a mixture of luxurious fabrications, including waffle knit, bamboo, viscose, and soft cotton fleece which are decorated with original Disney story book covers, Bambi text and floral binding. Soft hues of cornflower blue and pale pink are combined with bright floral prints of orange, pinks and greens inspired by the native Australian landscape.

All garments in the range are priced under RRP $49.00 and available in women’s sizes 8-18.
This landed in my Inbox and I literally had to pick myself up off the floor again, and when I finally did the excitement settled in.
I remember when I was a little one I used to beg my mum for a pet Bambi and all I wanted to do as soon as I got home from school is watch Bambi.
My grandma took me to the movies whenever a new Bambi came out and I used to come home nagging and nagging to buy the video or go back to watch it.
So when I saw these I knew for me it was a match made in heaven, so move over chocolate move over flowers this is all I want for Mothers Day this year.

I actually hope that my partner reads this post and sees what my girlies can get me for Mothers Day, or I might just leave this open on his pillow or something so he just stumbles across it hehe!!

On the 22nd of April you will find me at my local Target to get my hands on at least one of these Bambi beauties, I just don’t know that I can actually wait that long!!

Arabella Ramsay’s ‘Nature’s Bloom’ collection will be sold exclusively in Target stores and Target online from April 22nd