Camel Ball anyone?

Yes, you heard right, Camel Balls are in shops now and they really do look like camel balls. Camel Balls are extra sour are delicious bubble gum balls, filled with a soft, gooey sour cherry centre. They look and taste like no other bubble gum you have ever tried before. These special edition bubble gum balls are only available in selected independent stores and only for a limited time. 

So when this release was sent to me I literally laughed out loud to the point Hayley came over to the Macbook to take a look!! Luckily for me she didn’t get it and asked why I was laughing at lollies for, with a funny look on her face. That is the fun things about these chewies is the fact the kids think they are just normal chewing gum but us adults get the humour behind them.

Maybe a little offensive to some, maybe hilarious to others, but why not be a little bit adventurous and give a camel ball a try. Camel balls are causing a global Internet sensation with a viral phenomenon, across social media.  And I have already been apart of that asking my instagram followers if they would like a camel ball.  I had a lot of funny responses and then when I posted a photo of the chewing gum, there was a lot of laughter.

When I received my care package I was taken back by the sourness and even now just speaking about it has made my jaw muscles tense up and also make my mouth water.
I will however note that the flavour of these chewing gum doesn’t last very long, so when I feel like them I make sure I have another one on hand to boost the flavour and make it last that little bit longer.

Camel Balls are produced by one of Europe’s finest confectionary manufactures Fini, and are distributed in Australia by CTC Australia. CTC Australia is a proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated business that market and distribute confectionery and other snack products around Australia. “Fini’s Bubble Gum Camel Balls extra sour, are one of our really quirky lines. The packaging is really attention grabbing. When customers see the packaging they do a double take or think it is a printing error!” said Cameron Ogilvie, National Sales Manager, CTC Australia.

Camel Balls are available at all good independent retailers for just 15 cents per piece, and in this day and age that is a bargain!