My rant for the week, and probably the month

 One thing I really dread is going to the Doctors these days!!! I hate to be ranting on but it really bugs me that I can't go to the Doctors without walking out with a new sickness or feeling yucky. 
I was sitting in the waiting room today and there was a lady a few seats across that just sneezed and did not cover her mouth or anything. 
And THEN.... I needed to do a urine sample, and this for me is a big no no I HATE public toilets let alone ones that are at the doctors. I was so upset when I walked into the disabled toilet with the pram, don't judge me I hate to use the disabled toilet because the pram wouldn't fit into the ladies room. But when I walked into the disabled toilet the bowl had literally been sprayed (to much info) with someones number 2's!!! Our house have just gotten over a really bad bout of gastro that even had my 2yo in hospital, she really did struggle to keep anything down including water and became very lathargic and all floppy with no energy what soever. 

Now I have some pretty bad health issues that we are trying to get to the bottom of so the Doctors and Gyno is almost like a second home for me, and I almost need to go down and get blood fortnightly. 

I am so envious of those women that get off streak free and don't even know what the doctors is!! I broke down to my mum last night and told her sometimes I really feel like throwing in the towel and it really gets me down. I hate that I can't be a normal mum that can be super active with their kids and just a fun mum. Instead for about a week of each month I become stuck in the house feeling so cruddy and like I am on fire and just want to vomit all the time. But then my mum really struck a cord with me and told me isn't it better the girls actually have a mum even if she is sick, then no mum at all? And she is right, and as long as I know there is light at the end of the tunnel its worth pushing on and not letting whatever this is get hold of me and the public health system hold me down. I will find answers and I will make sure I get back to my old active self. 

Well that is my rant and now it is time for a shower for me. Then I am going to look at prices on private health insurance.