One a Day In May

One A Day in May

I am a strong believer in supporting those suffering from depression and also raising awareness for depression. For that reason I will be running a little project to help raise awareness. And I would encourage as many ladies out there to do the same, so please jump on board and help raise awareness for Depression.

Sometimes I felt like the world is against me, sometimes I thought I was not worthy of other peoples time. And a lot of the time I couldn't even stand to look at myself in the mirror. I just wasn't happy with who I was and the changes my body and face underwent after having children. I know I was not the only one suffering depression over 3 million people are living with depression and anxiety as we speak.

This was my train of thought just over a year ago.  I was caught up with some hefty depression, which was something I was very ashamed of.  I didn't want to let anybody know and I believe this only made things worse, because as soon as I spoke out a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders . But I don't really want to go into the depths of my depression and what I did but it wasn't good.

Some people don't think depression is serious and think some people should just get over it, or build a bridge.. But sometimes it isn't that easy, and getting your mindset right just doesn't come as easy as it should. 
But depression is extremely dangerous and can even take peoples lives, but it can also change peoples life completely. So if you know somebody who has depression or signs of depression offer them your support and understanding. Or if you are somebody who thinks they are suffering from depression it is time to speak up to those who care, and really let somebody in to help. 

One way I found my way out of the deep end was surrounding myself with the ones I loved and those who were there to support me and help me out of the hole I had dug myself. 

Another way was adding a little colour to my life. I know this sounds shallow and not nice towards myself, but popping on that foundation and makeup really did create a mask and make me feel beautiful. I needed this before I could be comfortable in my own skin and see myself beautiful from the inside out. I would wear some foundation and a lipstick with colour. I would get many compliments and slowly over time this boosted my confidence and self love. This is where my love for beauty products came from. 

I want to start a little task with all of you to help raise awareness for depression. And this is ONE A DAY FOR MAY, which each and every single day you wear a different colour lipstick and wear it with a smile. Your smile is contagious and will warm many peoples hearts. 
I know a lot of beauty bloggers have done this same thing, but I am doing it with a twist!! 
I will post mid month on my progress and then also e

nd of month. But every day I will post a pic of my lips as well as what colour I have used onto my instgram @summerloveliving

A good place you may like to go to find out a little more in the privacy of your own home is
Which is a really good informative website that will give you a better understanding about anxiety and depression, but also allow you to connect with others. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. They also allow you to talk through your darkness and let someone shine a little light into your life, their number is 1300 22 4636