Bhave- Salon Melbourne

When I attended the Salon Melbourne event this year I happened to stumble across the bhave stall. I have previously reviewed their products and only have good things to say about them.  And that is when I was introduced to these beautiful products.

Bhave Fresh Ends 

RRP $32.95 / 50ml

*boasts revolutionary NEW Replicine™ Functional Keratin technology – naturally derived and extracted keratin proteins from the wool of NZ sheep that are able to bind to severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine to damaged hair
*smoothes and repairs split ends
*improves strength and elasticity
*leaves hair soft, silky and superbly manageable
*a slow releasing peptide / amino acid continuously repairs damage without product build up
*apply after blow-drying or styling

Free From Parabens, Sulphates & Sodium Chloride

Suitable For Distressed And Damaged Ends

The first thing I will note is the packaging for the Fresh Ends, it is unlike any other I have seen and I just fell in love. It is in a cute push pump pack that you just push the top in and the product just squirts up. Almost like my nail polish removed dispenser, which I adore as well even if it was a cheapie from eBay. The product itself smells really lovely and your can really smell the argan oil, which is a smell I love.
At the show the lovely Emma from bhave applied some to my hair, and I instantly knew I had to make this product mine.  I now have this product in my collection and my ends have never looked as healthy as they do today. If there is any other mummies or even daddies with long hair that have bad ends, I would more then recommend this product to you.  I also use this product before blowing drying and straightening my hair, to give my ends that added protection when applying heat. It is a great product for anybody out there looking to maintain their lovely locks.

bhave™ Leave-In Crème is a luxurious crème formulation designed to soften, nourish and control unmanageable hair.  Infused with nutritive-rich ingredients, including slow releasing ceratonia peptides, certified organic argan oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil, to guard against hair breakage, repair, strengthen and nourish hair, promotes new hair cell growth and restore elasticity and shine.

bhave™ Leave-In Crème
RRP$44.95 / 170g

*luxurious crème application protects against hair breakage while improving hair strength and elasticity

*antioxidant-rich formulation nourishes hair, restores elasticity, promotes new hair cell growth and boosts shine

*a slow releasing peptide / amino acid continuously repairs damage without product build up

*applied on damp hair, makes blow-drying a dream

This product is in a league of its own, making my hair feel amazing. I feel like a broken record saying this over and over again about bhave, but their products actually do what they claim to do and do them spectacularly.  I also love the sweet smell of this product, and I can smell a lot of the argan oil and macadamian oil. I was wondering what the difference was between the leave in crème and the intense conditioning masque and having tried the two products you can tell right away. With the masque it is a lot more heavier and thicker consistency. Where as the Leave in crème is a lot less thick and weightless. Also they both smell different, to me the intense masque has a coconut, vanilla smell where the leave-in crème is more of a argan oil kind of smell which to some you may say there is no difference but to me there is.  I apply this to my towel dried hair and it gives it another level of life and shine, not to mention makes it smell amazeballs.

bhave™ is a proudly Australian brand of salon professional products that are never tested on animals and are available from selected hair salons nationally.