KEVIN.MURPHY keeps my hair looking lush

Dry and damaged hair is now a thing of the past with KEVIN.MURPHY’s revolutionary new weightless leave-in treatment oil, YOUNG.AGAIN.
Colouring, blow drying and straightening are all key contributors to the onset of the hair’s ageing process, certain to result in brittle and damaged hair cells.
Infused with antioxidant-rich Immortelle, Bur Oil and Grape Seed extracts, YOUNG.AGAIN works to counteract the hair’s aging process caused by chemical and heat damage and to restore strength, elasticity and shine.
Immortelle (also known as the “elixir of the gods”) is a product of Helichrysum plant flowers and has been recognised for its everlasting medicinal and anti-ageing properties since ancient times. Its reputation has endured and is still highly regarded in today’s beauty world for its extraordinary healing and regenerative benefits.

Is available from leading salons

around Australia in October, joining KEVIN.MURPHY’s extensive range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
This is more like a serum and comes out oily looking, but when I squirted it on my hand to get a proper feel for the product it was so silky and beautiful. This is when I realised I only had to use a little bit of product on my hair or else I may end up as a grease ball.  The smell really caught my attention, I am a huge sucker for great smelling products and this is certainly one of them. It has a sweet clean smell like a treatment I used to always get at my hairdresser except it was discontinued. The only reason I got this treatment is the way it left my hair smelling because it really didn’t change the way my hair appeared.
But this is not the case with YOUNG.AGAIN, I used this on my hair and when my hair had dried it looked shiny and very healthy.  You only use this on the ends of your hair as it will weigh the roots down and may cause it to look oily. I found that it was a much better result applying this to damp hair, as I got a little to excited when this product arrived and just put it straight on my hair. But it did turn out quite oily and I ended up washing my hair that night, so that I could use this product properly and get rid of them oily ends. 
You know how you can get anti-aging products for your face and what not, for me this product is like an anti-aging serum but for your hair. It takes years of straightening damage right off the moment it makes contact, and if it isn't repairing my hair the product sure is making a great cover up. 

For Kevin Murphy, hair is a person’s ultimate weapon. It has the power to make or break an image or leave a lasting impression for all the right, or all the wrong, reasons.
Kevin Murphy has travelled to the far corners of the earth including India, Asia and the Pacific Islands on a passionate quest for the purest (non-blended) Essential Oils for his products. His discoveries include Lime from the West Indies and Pacific Island gems such as Niaouli, Papaya, Kelp, Pink Grapefruit, White Camphor and Bergamot Mint.
The products that have resulted set a new standard in hair care and will enhance the way you maintain one of your most valuable weapons – your hair.


STAYING.ALIVE is a unique leave-in treatment/detangler (perfect for throwing in the handbag) as well as a herbal infusion for your hair. In a convenient spray pump, it contains honey and extracts of Ivy, Burdock, Iceland Moss, Olive Leaf, Coconut and Silk Proteins to smooth and repair damaged hair and keep it A-L-I-V-E; it is a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ for tired hair during the day. We especially love the essential oil of Black Pepper that gives the spray that unique scent. STAYING.ALIVE contains no oil and is weightless, invisible and constantly repairs hair until washed out. Simply spray onto hair, wait 5-10 seconds and comb through.

This product for me is like a defibrillator and brings so much life and oumf back into my hair. I would have to say this is the first Kevin Murphy product I did not like the smell of. But I suppose the reason for this is because of all the exotic ingredients that are included to make this product so good. But then again I had a think to myself what would I prefer, to either have a product that worked and not worry about the smell or have an amazing smelling product that does nothing at all.  But any way you either love the smell or you don't, it really is one of those scents. So I gave it a shot and when I got out of the shower and sprayed it in my hair, the smell wasn’t even strong at all and didn’t even smell like anything over my shampoo and conditioner.  What I did notice though is that my brush just easily glided through my hair and my knots didn’t put up a fight like they usually did. You can also spray this on your hands whenever you like, as it doesn’t leave your hair oily and you wouldn’t even know you sprayed anything in there. Whenever I go away now, especially camping I WILL have this product in tow. Love, Love, LOVE it!!  

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