V V vvvv Vanilla vvvv V V

One of my favourite things when it comes to these colder months is not boots or knits but it is actually smelling like vanilla and having my house smell of vanilla.

Even though this Autumn in Melbourne is off to a hot start and is not cold at all, I have already started to stock up on Vanilla products.

I will name a few of my favourites below and why they are my favourites and must haves.


Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo and Conditioner- $15.99 each

Indulge your senses with this exclusive blend of smoothing Tahitian vanilla bean oils to instantly nourish and moisturise, while silk amino proteins strengthen and seal your hair’s cuticles, revitalising your hair, creating silky, smooth shiny hair. Smoothing Tahitian vanilla bean oils blended with exotic silk amino proteins create a decadent treat. All you need for soft, smooth and seductive hair in one irresistible formula.

The Organix Vanilla Silk keep my locks soft and silky while leaving my hair smelling like amazing Tahitian Vanilla, which is a deep rich vanilla smell. My locks love Orgainx for some reason, they just gain so much volume and shine. I have been complimented a bit when using this. 

Hello Kitty’s Vanilla Ice cream Perfume Body Mist- $4.99 each
Adding an irresistibly sweet to your everyday, this ‘oh-so’ adorable fragrance infuses the senses with a burst of creamy vanilla goodness that will leave you smelling like you have been swimming in Vanilla Ice cream all day.

This actually keeps my daughter Hayley smelling like Vanilla. When this arrived in the mail I had no say on the spray what so ever, she claimed it the instant she laid eyes on it. Which I don’t mind as it makes her smell good enough to eat, and she does let me use it when I want to. It is a very creamy sort of vanilla smell, which I find very yummy.

The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Collection
Off the coast of Africa, the fragrance of Madagascan Vanilla Flower travels on a warm, African breeze. An oriental, gourmand delight with notes of amber, frangipani and vanilla from Madagascar
Fragrance mist- $25.95 for 100mL’s
A light spritz of fragrance to refresh and invigorate.

I really love spraying this all on my skin as soon as I jump out of the shower and get dressed. I find it you spray it directly on you skin the smell tends to last longer and linger. But I also spray a little on my clothes once I am dressed to really get the true smell of this product. I can’t explain the smell of the Type of vanilla really but one thing I can tell you is it is amazing and has the undertones of original vanilla, but top notes of something mysterious and very delicious.

Shower Gel- $20.95 for 250mL’s
A refreshing soap-free body wash infused with scent. Moisturises with Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia.
I only need a little bit of this on my shower sponge and it bubbles up into many suds and cleans my entire body.  The shower gel really gets down into my pores and cleans out the dirt leaving my skin looking new and refreshed. Not only does it leave my skin looking good it also leaves it smelling edible and exotic.
Perfume oil- $19.95 for 15 mL’s
A concentrated perfume oil to dab onto neck and pulse points.
This product ties in all the other products I use and really makes the scent of the Madagascan Vanilla flower last the day and even night through. I will wake up in the morning and still be able to smell the Vanilla scent on the points I put them on. I just dab the tiniest of amounts onto my wrist and neck and that is all I need, four tiny dots!! You could easily use this product all by itself and have it work a treat and keep you smelling divine.

Kiehl's Fragrance Expert Mr. Suffit describes this fragrance blend, “The Vanilla & Cedarwood scent is a delicate balance of yin & yang, one part feminine from the Ugandan Vanilla, smooth, smoky and just slightly sweet; one part masculine from the Virginia Cedarwood, raw and earthy. Together they blend to form a fragrance that is dynamically simple and irresistibly universal

When I first heard of this combo I thought it just couldn’t work how could you put a smell so soft and delicate with a really strong potent kind of scent? Well I would have to speak to the scientists themselves to get this answer. But it truly does work and it smells divine and really yummy. You can smell the vanilla but to me it is more of an undertone and really does pipe down and sweeten the scent of the Cedarwood. When I apply this lotion to my body it does stay on my skin for the entire day keeping it really soft and hydrated as well as smelling like something I have never smelt before. I will be working on getting the entire set of Vanilla and Cedarwood in my bathroom.

MOR Emporium Black Triple-Milled Soap-  $19.95
Unwrap a remnant of 17th century decadence and indulge in the Emporium triple-Milled Soap Bar collection. these Vegetable Based triple-Milled Soaps provide a creamier more luxuriant lather while Vitamin E and Shea Butter moisturises and keeps your skin supple.
This is my last must have for the time being but I am sure you will see a lot more Vanilla products in the coming months. I am not usually the one to use a bar of soap, as I hate dropping it and how slippery they become and just don’t find it comfortable rubbing on my body only to know it has been rubbed on someone else’s before me.  But after I actually smelt this product I was blown away, it is such a deep sweet vanilla scent that softens up the skin leaving behind this sweet smell.

And well that is a wrap, until next time anyway. I will be posting about a lot of these products more in depth and in their very own reviews. But it is bye for now.