Dove PURE Aerosol Spray

Dove Pure aerosol- RRP: $5.25.
Also available in a roll on, RRP: $ 3.89

This deodorant formula is exclusive to Dove Pure and contains 1⁄4 moisturising cream which actively helps put back what shaving takes out. An essential part of Dove’s formulas are skin-natural lipids, which strengthen the natural moisture barrier, helping to prevent skin dryness. Experience the pure confidence of 48-hour protection, helping reduce signs of discomfort.

The last 3 weeks I have actually dreaded the times I have had to have a shave in the shower. My underarms for some reason have become very sensitive and sore. Whenever I apply spray or deodorant, they sting and really make me shriek, and even make my eyes water at times. Research has shown that I am not alone either, up to 50% of consumers have experienced at one time or another the same itching and irritated feeling I experience.

So I have been shopping around for a deodorant that wont sting or make my underarms red or bleed after a shave, with no success.
I was then sent out this Dove Pure to try out and see if it could help my problem, and help it did.
Surprisingly this deodorant doesnt have a smell what so ever, and has a different type of texture to other anti-perspirant.

One thing I was thinking this summer, is some of the deodorants dont even help my underarm sweat. All they do is mask the smell with floral and perfumes, which is actually kind of gross. Dont get me wrong I love sprays that smell nice and you will often find me in the supermarket testing the scents out before I buy. But when buying a deodorant, I want something that actually stops the sweat as well as not being harsh on my skin.

Overall I love this deodorant and use it all the time, especially when I dont want anything to clash with my perfume.

Available from all good grocery and pharmacy stores.