Natures Care NEW Baby Paw Paw Range

When this uber cute package arrived at my door I was so excited to open it. Let me explain what I had sitting at my feet when I opened the door, it was a bright pink box with a frilly pink ribbon tying it all together.

Well when I actually opened the package inside there was the:


Nature’s Care Australia is proud to announce the launch of its Baby Paw Paw range.  Made with real paw paw (papaya),  known for its healing properties, this beautiful baby skin and hair care range is formulated, packaged and produced right here in Australia using high qualitly natural origin ingredients.

“Our carefully formulated 100 per cent Australian recipes have been made espeically for baby’s delicate skin. We pride ourselves on using only the very finest natural plant derived ingredients to keep baby’s skin clean, soft and fresh giving peace of mind to mum as well,” said Mr Michael Wu, marketing director, Nature’s Care Australia.

Nature’s Care Baby Paw Paw Shampoo and Body Wash (500m). Price $9.66.  
Available exclusively from Woolworths.
Free from petrochemicals, Nature’s Care Baby Paw Paw Shampoo and Body Wash will wash baby’s hair and body, keeping your little one clean from top to toe.

Made with pure paw paw (papaya) extract, this gentle all over wash is 100 per cent soap free and pH balanced and made with naturally derived surfactants, so it cleans delicate skin without overdrying.  Baby’s skin, hair and scalp will stay soft and hydrated, just as Mother Nature intended. 

Renowned for its therapeutic qualities, paw paw (also known as papaya) has been used since ancient times.  The South Americans who worked on papaya plantations noticed their hands became soft and smooth from working with the fruit.  It is full of antioxidents, especially vitamins A and C, known for their skin enhancing properites – perfect for baby’s skin.
 I love when products come together as one with the kids, it just makes life so much easier. If there was enough room on the bottle they could have even added bubble bath, as it creates some mega awesome bubbles with just a few squirts.

The smell of the actual product isn’t very noticeable and is quite dull, the bets way I can explain it is like paw paw ointment just nore fruity. There is no soapy wash smell to it, which I much prefer

Also for under $10.00 you get a nice big 500ml bottle, which really is worth every cent. I use a squirt per child and that will do both their hair and their little bodies. Sometimes I find a full squirt is too much for my 2 year old and just use the remainder on Miss Hayley.

Nature’s Care Baby Paw Paw Balm (100g).  
Price $7.51. 
Available exclusively from Woolworths.
Enriched with paw paw in a rich base of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & Beeswax, Nature’s Care Baby Paw Paw balm is a rich, soothing balm that can be used after nappy changing or bath time to keep baby’s skin soft and hydrated from head to toe.

Mums can use it too for sore nipples when feeding or use on lips, hands and body. Pop some in your baby’s bag and use it on the go.  Great as an after sun soother.

I have always been a big believer in Paw Paw ointment and it is one product I will not leave home with out. Now you can pay more then $7.50 and get a heck load less product in the tube then Natures Care one, but that would just be silly. Basically all Paw Paw ointments are the same and there is no real difference, except sometimes the Paw Paw is sourced from a different place. But the difference with the BABY paw paw is that it has been enriched with Papaya seed oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia and Jojoba Oil. So there is a lot good natural things loaded into the tube, which is always a good thing.

The Baby Paw Paw smells exactly like the wash, except
I would have to say the smell is a little stronger which is good because it smells great. The consistency of this product is really thick and soft, so it would create a really good waterproof barrier for bubs between changes. But your not only restricted to using it at change time, this products can be used on loads of things for the entire family. I have used this multiple times just as a Lip Balm when my lips become sore and chapped from the cold wind.

Nature’s Care is an Australian company that develops, manufactures and distributes a range of nutritional and natural skin care products throughout Australia from their headquarters in Sydney.  Visit for more information.