Jimmi Jamz

Recently launched East Brunswick restaurant and bar Jimmi Jamz is proving that a combination of inexpensive and quality food, cheap drinks, a lively atmosphere and efficient service is the key to success, attracting a diverse mix of diners.
Tapping into the cheap eats trend, the new Lygon Street local features a menu of affordable yet delicious breakfasts along with gourmet pizzas and pastas for lunch and dinner. With Brunswick quickly growing now and many new stores and resturants opening there is a lot of competition. A lot of the times my family will head to Sydney Rd and basically just eenie meanie miney moe it as to where we will eat. But now we have found that Sydney Rd is just to overrated and not as family friendly as we first found it to be. With expansions happening they are trying to cram more people in the one place meaning our pram cannot fit, or the people dining there arent family friendly. Combine this with well-priced coffee for the early mornings and beer and palatable clean skin wine by night, Jimmi Jamz is fast becoming known for taking the fuss (and cost) out of dining.
Restaurant entrepreneur Vincent Sciglitano created the Jimmi Jamz philosophy following a successful history of owning and operating restaurants in both Melbourne and Sydney and the inspiration behind building the brand began in 2007 with the first concept store in Newtown, Sydney. After testing and perfecting the model, Vincent found what people really wanted and gave it to them, Cheap food, cheap wine...a peoples place.
The beautiful and spacious interior caters for families throughout the day with the delectable breakfast and lunch menu, where a coffee and meal will cost around $10 - $15. Not only is the space kid-friendly, it includes an outdoor play area, in-house book readings and a comfortable setting for parents to come and enjoy with their children. I have had a sneak peek at the menu and I have already told my partner we are going there for dinner one night, and that it will have to be sooner rather then later. But I want to wait for a really cold night so we can hopefully get a table near the wood fire and keep warm that way. There is food on Jimmi Jamz menu to suit every single family and taste bud.
One of the bars we frequently visit and have drinks at has a fire and I think realistically that is the only reason we go there to snuggle up around the fire. But we may have found a new place to drink.
By night, Jimmi Jamz creates a buzz by becoming the local hip restaurant and bar with a funky beer garden, live entertainment and a range of special offers for locals and students. A quality pizza and drink will cost no more than $20, a far cry from the expensive eateries popping up in Melbourne.
Jimmi Jamz East Brunswick allows a varied dining experience from small groups to larger functions, families as well as crowds of young local hipsters. The restaurant and bar can accommodate 160 people with bookings available and walk-ins also welcomed. I have both my girls birthdays coming up in a few months and I really will look at hosting it at Jimmi Jamz