Hairy Lemon

Being a parent and always on the go can sometimes become very tiring and the world feels like it rests on your shoulders. I know I found myself today cleaning the entire house, doing the kinder run, meal preps and other things here and there. Then I sat down and thought to myself, Jeez who needs another job, being a home mum is more then enough.

But for the last two days I have had a little help thanks to Hairy Lemon, and its magical ways. After about one hour after drinking the hair lemon I felt motivated to clean the house and iron all the clothes (which I normally dont do, they are usually iron when they are ready to be worn.)

Now usually I wont have a drink just because I dread waking up in the morning feeling dehydrated and just horrid. But I will be putting this Hairy Lemon to the test on the weekend with a few drinks and seeing how good this beauty works. I will be sure to get back to all my viewers on how it went, you never know this may be the miracle cure for that dreaded hangover.

The smell of the product in the tube almost put me off as it flared up my taste buds and made my mouth water. But I am glad that I had tried it because when I did I was surprised at the real low key lemon taste, but the less water you add to the tablet the more sour and more of a lemon flavour you will get. The only thing I would love to highlight is the fact that it may darken you wee wees, which doesnt mean you are dehydrated at all. I think it is just whats in the tablet you pop in the water.

I love this and will keep a tube in my bag for those times I feel that the world is against me and just cant find the energy to last me the day.

Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation for people who feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle.

It may also be of assistance to people who have trouble concentrating throughout the day. Hairy Lemon may be used as a vitamin B formula to help relieve periods of nervous tension and stress.

Its strong recovery action also helps those recovering from a late night out.