My favourite Nail Polish Removers

Being a Blogger and doing a lot of nail swatches and nail photos, not to mention all the nail changes I go through attending launches and events. I have been through literally litres of nail polish remover and many different brands. My favourite would have to be those with acetone in them, I know they are probably the worst kind you can use on your nails but I find if I apply moisturisers and cuticle oils they keep fine.

Some of the removers I have found to be the best and my favourites are:

Mode Nail Polish Remover RRP $2.45
Mode Nail Polish Remover is a travel-size nail polish remover that can help remove unwanted nail polish on-the-go.

This would have to be the less potent smelling one of all these removers, and I think the reason would be is has a lower percentage of acetone in it. I also love how small it is so it conveniently fits into your makeup case or even handbag, which is always super handy.

ORLY Nail Lacquer Remover 120mL $3.99
Developed for natural nails, this salon-proven formula quickly removes polish. Available in 4 Oz and 16 Oz bottles with convenient flip-top cap, or a quick and easy Slip-It-Off® sponge removal system that's perfect for travel.

This remover is a beauty when it comes to taking that glitter off your nails, which I find is super tough sometimes. I almost avoid using glitter because of the simple fact of how hard it is to get off your nails. I still have to do a cotton ball and foil wrap with this but it eventually comes off. It is the best working one for glitter that I have used in all my blogger years.

ORLY Flawless Fix Corrector
Orly Flawless Fix Nail Corrector Pen is an invaluable manicure tool to perfect and correct your nails.

This pen will quickly and precisely correct messy manicures, allowing you to remove excess polish with ease from around the nail bed and cuticle area. This pen also comes complete with three replacement tips.

 I would have to say this is a godsend to us ladies that do their nails on the go. Sometimes you just don’t have the hours in a day to pop on that nail polish slowly and carefully and often end up painting your cuticle or applying to much so it pools up at the cuticle (I’m sure you all hate that one!!)  Being a mum we don’t generally have a lot of time to ourselves and when we do it is more of a starfish it on the lounge with the tv on doing absolutely nothing (well this is the case for me haha.)

Manicare Nail Polish Remover with Acetone 125mL
Contains vitamin E to protect & strengthen nails and cuticles. Nail polish remover that is easy and works super fast for great looking nails. 

Manicare never lets me down and I wish I had an endless supply of this stuff. I wonder if it comes in huge 2l bottles as I would be all over that stuff. Like I said above being a blogger I often get sent nail polish to play with and take photos with and the amounts of remover I go through is crazy, as I am sure a lot of other bloggers out there can relate to. But this is great stuff, I never end up getting dry cuticles after using this and sometimes my cuticle end up better!

Please do let me know what the best removers you try and I will be sure to try them out!!