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Winter Fashion, Bargain Hunter

Well I have just returned from an amazing shopping trip at Uni Hill Factory Outlets.Uni Hill Factory Outlets is located on Janefield Drive, Bundoora, Melbourne.
Open 7 Days 10am - 6pm.

As my beauties would know, I was asked to be a blogger ambassador for Uni Hill Factory Outlet, and it was an offer I just could not refuse. At UHFO you will find the worlds biggest brands at up to 70% off. Stores include Nike, Lorna Jane, Lonsdale, Tony Bianco, Rivers, Birkenstock, Politix, Cotton On, Guess and many more.

 I went there on a mission.. To try and stick to the budget and not touch my account, only spending the gift cards to see the bargains I could hunt down for you! I did however have a Winter themed shop at hand and really had to picture things I could wear for a day or night out in Winter. You will be happy to know I only spent an extra $12 and came home with 4 bags full of goodies.

The first store I stopped into was
Cotton On

 This to me was my favourite shop of all the ones I stepped into, and the place you can go to be sure to get a bargain. The amount of bargains you can get in there is endless. I think if you walked in there with $100 you could easily walk out with 15+ items in your hand.
For example I walked in with $25 and left with 9 items!! Yeah you don’t have to read back I said 9 whole items, ok so some of them may have been smaller items but I still got 2 items of clothing and a pair of shoes on top of the bracelets, scarf and bottle of water.
So here is what I bought and how much I saved J
1. Toby flat $2 was $19.95
I cant believe I got a pair of flats for $2!!!!!! There were many styles and sizes all for $5 and under. I actually thought these shoes were $5 and when scanned they only came to $2. I don’t even care if they only get one wear, it is all worth it.

  2. Cotton Sample top- Green with little studs $5.00
This will go great with my military boots, and my new leather jacket. I think it is a beauty for winter.

3. Petersburg Kimono $10.00 was $24.95
Now I know this is not a Winter piece but I just could not bring myself to walk past it and the colours were just divine. Plus Spring is only 1 month away and this baby will be coming out heaps. I love the colours and the quality, and this Winter has not been to cold and I could wear this with a white long sleeve under it.
4. Sarayah Scarf $2.00
No Winter wardrobe is complete without a scarf or two (maybe 5 at this price.) Their range was beautiful and I thought a brown neutral shade can almost go with anything.

5. 4x bracelets for $4
Can be used with absolutely anything and I will not stop wearing these, they are super cute. Although my daughter did claim one as hers..

  6.  Foundation water $2.00 (goes to charity.)
To cure my thirst, while shopping my bottom off.

I was in a little bit of a rush at Cotton On as it was quite crowded in there, but man oh man I will be back (without kids.) Some of their amazing bargains were mind boggling, for me the biggest was they had nice boots for $5!!!!

I also found that out of all the shops I went into the staff were super friendly, and really lovely. One that really stood out for me was the young woman at cotton On, that was doting over my kiddie winkles.

The second store I paid a visit into was

Here I found the most adorable White cardigan. This will go with a dress I bought and will tell you about a little later on. I know Winter can get cold but sometimes you need to get your dress and heels on when going out. So if it is to cold, I like to throw on a nice dressy cardy and I finally found a nice white one.
Cotton Jersey V Neck Cardigan $20.00 was $40.00
I also snuck it a super cute scarf, which was only $7.50 and is made from a very soft cotton fabric.

For me Giordano has more basic clothing and is not a place you would usually shop for women’s dressy clothing. I found it so hard to walk past their really high quality singlet’s that were only $5.

After Giordano we popped into the store next door which was

I was sent with a $25 budget here, which was a little to hard to stick to as Rivers clothes are good quality and will be sure to keep you warm in Winter. I was tempted to buy a leather jacket they had there for $59.95.. But then told myself,  “ NO, you have a budget.”
So instead I settled for a lovely knit that matches my top from Cotton On. I had to chip in $4.95 but I did not mind at all.
Knit Herb $29.95 (it has no regular price.)
This is a green coloured knit, which is loosely knitted together but enough to keep you nice and warm. It also has little studs on the shoulders adding a bit of bling! This would also go great with my Military boots and dark denim jeans.

The last store on my list was
It has been agggges since I stepped foot in any Jeanswest store, and today I found out what I was missing out on. Their quality of clothes were amazing and I fell in love with so many pieces. When I walked in I set myself another little mission to find a piece that was a HUGE bargain and had the most knocked off it. This is where I found
Tribal Print Dress $20 was $69.95 then $49.95.
 Now again this is not your everyday Winter piece, but a lot of Jeanswest’s clothing were clearing out there Summer stock. But I did buy a beautiful white cardigan that would go with this piece nicely. Plus like I have mentioned early Spring is just around the corner and this will be worn day in and day out.
I had a spare $5 to burn so I had a little look around and found a really pretty belt- This is the picture of it.. And I LOVE it <3

After all this shopping the kids were well and truly done and very cranky. So I thought I would treat them to a little snack to get them through until dinner.
We made a pit stop at
Killer Coffee

Here I was confronted with loads of Muffins, breads, wraps, rolls, sandwiches and of course amazing smelling coffee.
I bought the girls a juice each, a Apple crumble muffin (which was mammoth) and a mineral water for me. All for just under $15! And let me tell you not even one of the crumbs remained from that muffin, it was delicious.

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