Tried and Tested: The Collective Yoghurt, it's MooooTastic

Now my family comes from Nooooww(New) Zealand, so any products I hear that have come from there I go out of my way to try.  I was born here in the land of Oz but often return to NZ to visit family and some friends over there. Although since having the girls I have not made a trip back there and missing it immensly. I think that is a main reason I like to try their products, so I feel there is always a little bit of NZ at home.
The Collective yoghurts come from happy cows who live on the island of natural wonder, Lord of the Rings film locations, fast ski slopes, gay marriage and some of the cleanest air in the world - made by our kiwi friends in New Zealand.

So when I was asked if I wanted to take part in a little trial by The Collective, I just could not resist and was jumping up and down like a child in a toy shop.

 Greener pastures are just around the corner as The Collective’s new range of ridiculously tasty yoghurt have just recently launched into the shores of Australia.

This creamy dreamy yoghurt, available in convenient 170g tubs, offers a small taste of indulgence that is just perfect for an after dinner treat with flavours like Russian Fudge and Apple Crumble.

Meanwhile, The Collective’s fruity-inspired gourmet yoghurts; Rhubarb & Strawberry, and Passionfruit, will whisk you away to summer days as the ‘Friesian’ weather sets in and your belly starts to rumble. 

The Collective yoghurts :

Contains live cultures including acidophilus, bifidus and casei
Free from the nasties; No added artificial colours or flavourings
Free of preservatives
Gelatine free
 … no bull!

I was lucky enough to sample all of the flavours that The Collective have on our shores so far, so below I have gone into detail on how much I loved or disliked the flavours (remember everyone’s tastebuds and preferences are different and this is my personal opinion and nobody else’s.

Russian Fudge
No conspiracy here, this age-old classic will take you right back to the school yard… it’s one wicked treat… decadent you say, Ho Byn!
When they say wicked they are certainly not wrong J I love chocolate, fudge and caramel and this is a perfect pair.. Although I am not to sure what the difference would be between Aussie Fudge and Russian fudge, but either way this was just great. I was not able to eat the entire tub though and was more then happy to share this with my partner who licked the tub clean.

Rhubarb and Strawberry
Strawberries; succulent and sweet, New Zealand rhubarb; crisp and tangy… together; a flavour that should only be described as a match made in heaven.
Now I can say I do know the difference between strawberry jam from Aus and from NZ. I have never had a jam that tastes like those you buy over in our sister country. This was my favourite yoghurt of the lot and taste just like jam, yoghurt and crispy biscuits all wrapped into the one tub! I went straight to my local Woolies to get myself some of this.. Only to find out they weren’t on the shelves yet haha IDIOT! Should read my releases a little better.

Succulent in flavour, this is a yoghurt that delivers a kiss straight from the tropics. Seduce your tastebuds but not your waistline.
I didn’t personally review this item and instead handballed it off to the fat guts partner to have a crack! I know I can trust his opinion and he is more honest then the pope! I am not a big one for passionfruit in food, but I will eat them raw straight off the tree… But going by him this was super yummy and taste like they had taken a passionfruit straight off the tree and mixed it around with some yoghurt. Talking about their yoghurt, this is a quality of yoghurt unlike any other that has entered my mouth. I thought a previously reviewed yoghurt was the best thing EVER and could not be beaten… But it just has (sorry) This yoghurt should win an award or something!!

Apple Crumble
Fruity Fuji apple (from our grower in Nelson) and cinnamon… a flavour combo guaranteed to transport you to the ‘best pud’ moment. Guilt free, comfort food at its best.
One of the things I love about these yoghurts is when you hit the jam like fruit that is in these yoghurts. I don’t mix it up, but when I saw my partner eat the sample has mixed it all up and even added a little mixed muesli in there. But the apple crumble was lovely and it almost feels weird eating it cold as I am so used to eating apple crumble hot! Mmm but it doesn’t taste like cooked apple but more a fresh apple just pureed, but that may just be my tastebuds.

The Collective gourmet yoghurts as they are available in Victorian Woolworth’s stores as well as independent outlets - RRP $2.35 for a 170g tub.
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