I have been loving this season to just wear my hair natural, and with little done to it.  I think with Winter I like to give my hair a rest from all the heat and curling irons etc, so like to fully hydrate it and bring it back to life.
Sometimes I like to mix it up a little though and love a high volume fresh clean look, and to achieve this I use some awesome products from John Frieda.

            Gently cleanses for volume that looks and feels natural.
            Patented formula contains specialized volume building technology paired with cleansing agents. The formula gently cleanses and detangles fine hair as it applies volume boosters, then rinses clean. Volume boosting technology is activated during blow dry to enhance hair’s natural volume, for hair that feels naturally full and soft.
Available in:
250 ml
Both the shampoo and conditioner have a light fresh, clean smell to them. It is not an overpowering smell but it is pleasant. When I wash my hair I like something that gives my hair that strong scent that when I move my head and my hair moves I get a whaft.
My hair does get great hydration and also volume from this product except the only downside is it gets really frizzy. The frizz doesn’t bother me though when I am straightening my hair as you cannot even tell. I think I will save this mix for whenever I want to straighten my hair. If anybody has been reading my blog then they would know that I always swap and change my shampoo and conditioner and never stick to just the one. I find my hair copes so much better with variety and thanks me for it in the long run, and these days there are so many different ones that serve different purposes.
            Enhanced formula contains a targeted lifting complex that combines a triple polymer system to boost hair from the roots and thicken strands, for natural-looking and natural-feeling volume that lasts. Contains heat protection polymer and Panthenol, known to protect and strengthen hair.
Available in:
177 ml
Now this is the product I love most of all I was sent from John Frieda. When you read it on paper (or computer screen) you would think it’s a squeeze or pump bottle that you just rub into your hands and apply to your roots. But it is far from that,  it is actually in a nifty little spray bottle that you just spray directly on to your roots. The smell is exactly the same as the shampoo and conditioner so there is no clash what so ever.
I have not used another volumizing lotion that actually works and does its job. It does make your roots a little stiff but I think this is what makes the product work and give you volume.
One day last week I did not have the time wash and blow dry my hair so I applied straight to my dry roots and it worked an absolute treat!! I will have to pack this with me on my trip to Queensland, and the way I am going I will have to have a whole suitcase just for toiletries and makeup haha.