Tried And Tested: Quattro For Women

I don’t wax (yet) but I am a shaver J I love a good razor that gets right down to my skin, and cuts the grow back time. Nothing I hate more then stubble that is there almost the next day. I think come this Summer though, I will be getting my first leg wax and see where it goes from there. But for now here is a razor I will be using:

Quattro For Women
Price of the kit is $11.99, 4 pack refills are $14.49
Is the first high performance razor with four blades and soothing conditioning strips to keep legs looking smooth all year round. And for a limited time Quattro for Women will come with a free trendy gift-with-purchase lace design nail art stickers that last up to 10 days.

My favourite thing this year is cool, eye catching nails that don't chip and peel right away. From bright neon decals to glitter infused tips, bold racing stripes, and intricate stencilling, the world of nails knows no bounds. Now the much loved razor brand Schick is joining in on the hot trend with the release of their new and limited edition lace design nail art stickers. 
I loved receiving this pack, as I have recently found a deep love for nail stickers. Being a mum to two girls that are just go, go, go I no longer have the time to spend ages on nail art (which is sad.) And I also find that for me having shorter nails, stickers last longer on then lacquers of polishes do.

Features of Quattro For Women:
·         Four ultra-thin blades with pivoting head that follow the contours of your body
·         Two conditioning strips with Acai Berry and Jojoba extracts for ultra moisturisation
·         Provides long lasting smoothness so you can skip a day or two
·         Solid metal handle covered by pink rubber with multiple finger rests and a rounded base for better grip
·         Shower hanger for easy storage
·         A stylish bathroom accessory
·         Fabulous limited edition nail art stickers inside the pack

Also another reason these guys have me sold is the fact that the razors are super sharp, and having four blades in the one razor makes it a better more gentle shave. And I don’t know if it is me or not but they also cut down closer to the skin, meaning regrowth takes longer and my shave actually lasts.
I also like the face there is titanium like bit and pieces on the razor making it heavier, so when it makes contact on your skin you don’t have to push. The weight on the head does all the hard work for you all I had to do was put the razor to my skin.
To begin with it takes a little getting used to from my old razor, but then it is a breeze to use. I LOVE the fact there are NO nicks or razor cuts J

Schick Quattro For Women with limited edition nail art stickers will be available at Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and pharmacies nationally until stocks last.