My New Do

Ok, so now I have decided to finally make a post on my new hair J

It has been almost two years since doing anything at all to my hair, not even a trim. So when I went to visit my girlfriend who is also a hairdresser I told her to give it her best shot. The only thing I didn’t want to loose was my length as my hair ALMOST touches my bottom. And long hair for me is a big thing, as I never ever had long hair as a child, as I was a little terror with the scissors and though it was the greatest thing and that I was a hairdresser and cutting my hair to the scalp. (**EEK**) I just hope my girls never pick up a pair of scissors and put it to their head!

But anyway the look we went for was the ombré or some call it balayage look. My roots were lightened a touch and then slowly worked down into a lovely blonde. If it was not to much hard work maintaining blonde locks I would do my whole hair blonde!!

So … Here is the final result!

It is still growing on me and now I have a taste for the hairdressers I will be back again and probably get rid of the blonde and go back to my natural colour with a light highlight.

J By the way this is just my natural hair.