Some Smooth Swatching

I have compiled a whole heap of must have products and their swatches. You will or would have already seen these products on my Instagram. I love makeup/cosmetics and would love your suggestions as to what I HAVE to try :-) 


Curtis Collection Luxury Mineral Lip Mousse RRP $30.00
Now this is basically what it says, and I was a little bit puzzled also as I have never
heard of a mousse for lips. But it is just like the mousse dessert you would have after dinner texture wise, only this is for your lips and not very edible at all. The colour I received was Toffee, which is a lovely shade of brown and has a lot of shimmer to it. This lip mousse also lasts a long time on the lips no matter how many times I puckered up.

  L’Oréal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick RRP $29.95
As soon as this product hit my lips I have not been able to stop telling people about it. The compliments never stop rolling in, and it is mainly when I am eating. So many women and even a couple of the boys have asked how the heck does my lipstick not get on my food, or come off as a matter of fact. And I simply say, “One word, Infallible.” I do get a weird look, but then after explaining they understand and a couple have even gone on to buy a few of their own shades. If I had the money again I would own every single one of these shades and wear nothing other them. But I cant be selfish and need to try all the products on the shelves and explore a little. But yeah, if you are after a VERY longwearing lippie THIS IS IT!!!

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipstick RRP $15.95
My two fav shades from this line are the 902 Fuchsia Flash which is an amazing bright pink colour and one I know will be seen a whole heap in Spring and when the weather
warms up. I know I love wearing this shade no matter the rain as it brightens up my look a whole heap. Then there is also 914 Vibrant Mandarin, the name pretty much lets you know this babes colour; a bright colour popping orange. Again this is another colour you will see this Spring and I just looorrve it. Plus I really love the packaging of these and always crack a smile when I see the shiny red tube at the bottom of my bag.

Vani-T Mineral Colour Stick RRP $42.95
Well I had to include the lovely Vani-T in my swatching post as their products are all amazing and all natural. I love ALL of there products and it is hard to narrow it down to just one. But the reason for popping the colour stick in there is it is multi-purpose and can be used on your lips, eyes and even cheeks. I love this stick and makes so much more room in the makeup case, its great. If you don’t love this product I think there may be something wrong with you in the beauty department.  


Lush Eyeliner RRP $24.95
I absolutely adorable Lush’s Eyeliner packaging. I almost feel like I should be wearing a white lab coat and rubber gloves. Its super cute and really does look like a dropper, but
is far from one and is a really nice fine liner applicator. The two shades that are my favourite are Independent which is a must have for every makeup collection being a dark blue almost black liner and goes with any other eye colour or even alone.
Then there is also Quietly Motivated, which is a dark gold and is ace for my gold smokey eye look. It just frames my eyes nicely and is the perfect finish to the smokey eye.

Maybelline ColorTattoo by eyestudio RRP $11.95
I am truly in love with the ColorTattoo’s and they make an amazing longwearing eye makeup. When I use these shadows I don’t even have to apply a primer or anything to
my eyes which I think is fantastic. My two shades that I think you will see a lot of in Spring are the 05 Too cool- which is a stunning white colour. I adore this colour and love mixing it up with other shades to create my own colours. And the second is 40 Tenacious Teal, which is a Teal Blue colour. It doesn’t look to good in the tub, but once it is on your eyes it looks completely different and a really pretty colour.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow RRP $19.95
Now these are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE shadows in the entire world. Nothing compares to the colour these babies give, not even my $80 odd dollar shadows compare. And I am making it my life mission to get all of their shades and make them ALL mine. My three favourite shades are Hourglass Beige, which I use on my entire lid and mix it up with a lovely bronze or gold. You can never go wrong with a neutral eyeshadow… but then again I have seen some pretty bad neutral looks. Then there is Flashback Silver, which is stunning bling filled silver. This is the densest silver shadow I have been able to find and fell in love as soon as I saw them. You don’t need loads of shadow on your eye to make it work either a little goes a loooooong way. Then lastly there is the Endless Chocolat, which I pair along with the Hourglass Beige to create my favourite smokey gold eyes. It really is classy and creates a two toned sophisticated look.

Eles Signature Shadow Quad RRP $99.00
This is the trends Maverick quad and one that I know is a must have in my makeup
bag in my handbag. It has all the colours I love and ones I like to use together to create a lovely smokey eye. I am more then happy to give a how to on my smokey eye using this quad :0) And I will more then likely post on anyway. The colour stays put and looks amazing on camera as well.  Eles never ever lets me down and I will continue to us their mineral make up as my skin LOVES it. I could sleep with it on (SHRIEK) and still not get a breakout.

Vani-T $40.95
I have to pop this one in here, as I absolutely LOVE this packaging more then any
other makeup item I own yet. It actually pairs with their beautiful lipsticks and just adds bling to your makeup case (or draws in my case.) The blush itself is really lovely and I love to use this as it brings a sparkle to my cheeks. I would be happy to spend double the amount of cash for this blush, as it is perfect.

Curtis Collection Baked Blush- Goddess Collection RRP $35.00
I am a sucker for pink blush, I love my cheeks to look like I am a tiny bit flustered but
not like I have been sitting in the sauna for an hour; and this blush is just perfect. I usually get a little funny with blush as I have breakout issues on my cheeks and they just don’t like to be suffocated by some products but I do love this one a lot.

Eles Mineral Blush RRP $39.50
This is like satin for your cheeks and is just perfect, and loves the camera as well. You can barely tell you are wearing anything when this is applied to my cheeks.  The shade I was sent was the Coral Sun and will be absolutely perfect for the Spring Time looks. When I use this shadow my face is given the really vintage dolly look.

Nvey eco Powder Blush RRP $29.95
Well I love a good bronzer like blush and that is exactly what 951 by nvey eco is. For me this is like a blush and a bronzer mixed together, quite a lovely pink/brown colour. This is one of my favourite blushes and I have never got to the bottom of the tin when it comes to blush but I know I will with this.


Pretty Woman Nail Pearls RRP: $9.99                                
These are like super cute hundreds and thousands for your nails. I love these so much, although they do not last very long on this mummies nails. They tend to come off at the tips of your nails super quick but there isn’t much you can do about it either. I don’t think I would have the patients to do my entire hand like this, instead I just pick a main nail (usually my ring finger) and have the pearls on that.

OPI Nail Lacquer RRP $19.95
Of course I have to pop some OPI in there as their lacquers are always favourite with a lot of people. It was really hard to narrow this down to just the two shades but here are two I think you will see a lot of in the warmer weather (which is soo close now.)
The first is and oldie but a goodie and it’s CAN’T FIND MY CZECHBOOK. This shade is a lovely blue, and one I often wear and love. I actually wear it every weekend when heading to the footy as I love to match my nails to where I am going. Going for North Melbourne it is only fitting to wear blue.
The second lacquer is a NEW release from OPI and it is INNIE MINNIE MIGHTIE BOW. This is a luscious amazing red with a little shimmer through it. Although I am not sure if its my nails or something but it didn’t last as long as all the other OPU formulas I have used. But I LOVE this red and LOVE Minnie Mouse so it works for me.

ELES Nail Polish RRP $20
Well this one was a late-comer, but was so good I just had to include it. The formula is unlike any I have used before and really does last a long time. These three colours are from the Masquerade Collection and I wish I could show you all of them but I’ve popped two in. I will be making a post with the entire collection, but here’s two I love. Veronese Orchid, which is a light lilac purple. Then there’s also Nude Contessa, which is by far my favourite shade of polish right now and I have found it hard to get it off my nails.

ORLY Nail polish RRP $18.95
Well I know this may be a little late but this is certainly Great Gatsby themed and is classy with a twist. I have LOADS of favourites from ORLY but to narrow it downed we focused on a little theme and came up with ORLY Glitz, which is a gold thick formula which I really do love both alone and on top of different colours. It’s not glitter but more of a shimmer. Then there’s also Flagstone Rush, which is a rusty lovely colour. I love teaming this up with a few brown shades and will be trying it with an ombre nail in a few weeks. I wish I could add loads more here but that wouldn’t be very fair, as I love ORLY very much.