COLOR WOW pop & lock crystallite shellac

It has been 2 long years since doing ANYTHING to my hair, and I went all out there with a balayage hair colour and slight restyle.
My hair is very long and almost touches my bottom so I had the tiniest amount take off and also a little more shape made to it and thinned out.

So with this new change came a lot more care to my hair, as anybody with blonde in their hair would know it can get quite weak and damaged quickly. So thanks to the amazing Brian I was sent some COLOR WOW shellac to try out on my new locks.
Yes you did just hear right, a shellac for hair. It is the same concept as what you do to your nails, if you add a product to your nails to strengthen and protect why not do the same to your hair? No, no, no please don’t go and apply a shellac polish to your hair or anything as that would be a disaster! But instead I would encourage any lady with locks they want to protect to try the amazing:

COLOR WOW pop & lock crystallite shellac
RRP $29.95
·      Prescriptive formula creates a protective shellac on hair’s surface that makes color pop
    on contact.
·      Seals the cuticle to lock in color and lock out dryness.
·      Creates the glossy, mirror-like shine of virgin hair.
·      UV filter helps prevent color fade.
·      For best results: Use on wet or dry hair. Apply evenly and style as usual.
For my long hair all I have to use is one big squirt in the palm of my hand and it covers ALL of my hair. The smell of this product is also a very lovely clean scent and lingers on the hair for quite a while. I also love the fact that this product actually glimmers. In the bottle you can see flecks of glimmer and then when you squirt it on your hands they shimmer, so imagine what your hair looks like. When it is in my hands in feel sort of like a primer I have that just reminds me of silk. Then once applied to my hair it gives my hair that silky feeling only it keeps it more protected then silk would.
I know I say this a lot but I will be looking at getting the shampoo and conditioner to see if it really does colour lock this blonde in and help me keep the yellow shade away and keep the ash colour instead.
Available now from Hairhouse Warehouse and select fine salons.