Lady Jayne has taken inspiration straight from Australian and international runways, by re-inventing their hair essentials and adding fashion forward products such as Pony Cuffs and Hair Ties to create their new Aztec Collection.
With bold, bright, Aztec inspired prints and tribal inspired motifs the range is right on trend and in keeping with the fast fashion looks this collection is only available for a limited time.
When my eyes spotted this new collection in my inbox I knew I had to get my hands on them. And when my samples arrived at the front door I was like a little schoolgirl jumping up and down with a tiny little squeal I pulled myself together (barely.)
Aztec Hair Ties $7.99
Knotted hair ties care for your hair, as they don’t have damaging metal edges that snag. The new colours and prints are perfect for adding a finishing touch to an ordinary ponytail or bun.
Now I totally love these ties and they have such a boho look to them. 6 days out of the week my hair is either up in a pony or in a bun on top of my head so hair ties are my best friend. These are thick and quite large so it makes for a perfect bun tie and doesn’t rip my hair to shreds. Gosh I can’t believe how Lady Jayne just keeps getting better and better.
Aztec Hair Elastic Ball $9.99

Add a splash of colour with Lady Jaynes’ Aztec Elastic Ball. It includes 40 snag-less elastics in authentic Aztec colours.
I remember in my teen years we used to get a smaller ball like a tennis ball or ping-pong ball and start wrapping and twisting our hair ties around it until we got a huge elastic hair tie ball. But this is like the new age product and is more of a hair tie disk.  I know the description says 40 but on the pack it says there is actually 54 in there, but I don’t know what to believe, either way it is a lot. I might actually count them and get back to you haha. I love ANY hair tie that does not have a metal strip on it so that it doesn’t snap and cut my hair unnecessarily.
Aztec Headband $7.99
Lady Jaynes’ Aztec Headband adds
a pop of colour to your hairstyle – brightening any dull outfit! The braided Headband gently holds hair in place without pulling or snagging the hair.
Mmm now I am not much of a headband person, as I don’t like how bare it leaves my face and how flat my head looks haha. But this one has actually grown on me and will come in handy when we head to QLD in October when I am constantly on the beach and not wanting to get my hair wet or damaged. You can keep the bands close together so that it looks like one large plait or you can separate them so it looks like two plaits.
Aztec Travel Brush $9.99
The Lady Jayne Aztec Travel Brush has a compact, fold-up design with firm ball-tipped nylon bristles.
It fits conveniently into a handbag and features a mirror to make touch-ups easy wherever you are.
Again I will be taking this product with me to Queensland as it takes up little room in my suitcase and can even be taken in my handbag really. But until then this does live in my handbag and comes in handy during the day, both with my kids and myself. I love the colours of this entire range, and really is the best Aztec hair range I have found (and pretty much the only one.) I think this Summer you will loads and loads of Aztec and it will be a really fashionable print and design.
P: 1800 651 146
Available at Priceline & Selected Pharmacies