This is our Number one product so far for QLD

Now we are heading to QLD in October and have been thinking of things to take to make life a little bit easier for a travelling young family. For starters from Melbourne the flight is over 2 hours long and I think we would struggle to keep the little one under control if we don’t take something to entertain her, heck she might even find a way to open the exit hatch. But today my partner and I went out and bought the girls and Ipad and also Ipad Mini. We decided for our youngest the normal iPad would suit her best as she can see the screen a lot better etc. So this is where the problem laid… Finding something that would keep it safe and save it from any accidental drops. Then we were sent this for review:

goPal iPad Travel Case
RRP- $34.99
Whether you are at home or on the go, your iPad can provide hours of fun for your little learners. Help keep it protected* from knocks, bumps and drops with the GoPal iPad Travel Case. Durable, lightweight and easy to clean, this soft foam case gives your kids a clear view of the screen and a steady grip as they play. The adjustable stand tilts to provide the perfect position at the table or for baby’s tummy time. And when it’s time to go, just flip up the stand for a comfort grip handle that little hands can carry with ease. Your iPad is too fun to keep to yourself, and this cute, kid-friendly case lets you share it worry free.
   Soft foam construction can help protect* from bumps and drops
   Unique multi-position handle and stand for easel and portrait mode positions
   Durable, lightweight design and comfort grip handle is easy to carry and clean
   Fits all generations of iPads (except mini)
   Fun for kids and adults
   Access to controls, buttons, ports** and cameras
Not only does this cover keep the iPad safe it also comes in handy in so many ways. It is great because there is a really handy arm at the back that easily folds up or down or in the middle, however you want to have it to be honest. And this feature allows you to be able to sit it in an upright position so the kids can sit there and play or watch. But when the arms are folded down they make for great handles on each side so your kids can walk around with a good grip. My daughter who is only two actually pulls the bar up and then pops it over her arm and wears the iPad like a handbag when she walks around, it is quite funny to watch.  But I found another use for the handle and one I think almost every parent will appreciate. I pop the handle up to halfway and then slip it over my headrest and pop my daughters shows on, so it doubles as a little TV screen in the car that really keeps her quite and stops her from turning them off (as she just cant reach.)

The iPad did get dropped and my heart sunk.. But instead of a massive thud it was just a quite plonk kind of noise, the outer foam type material really does cushion your iPad keeping it very safe.  Another great thing about the foam is when you pop the iPad in there it is very snug and don’t think your kids will find it easy to get the cover off, both my partner and I struggled to get it off.
I cant wait for them to make a case like this for the mini, as I think we will need it. Even though my daughter is 5 she can sometimes be a little bit careless (as I am sure most kids can be) and I don’t let her walk around with it. Even I like this case as it makes typing so much easier, as I lift the arm and rest it on my legs. My wrists don't even get sore like they do without the case which is a massive bonus.
This product will certainly be on its way to QLD in October and I am sure will become a lifesaver, more then once.