My review of Disney On Ice- Princesses and Heroes

The skaters in Disney On Ice make skating look like it is sinch… But then I remember going a few weeks back to an ice centre here in Melbourne only to find my butt saw more ice then my skates. The cartwheels, flips and turns are just amazing. This year I only saw one mistake, and that was just a shipmen stacking it but quickly picked himself up and went on with the show. You can barely tell if they make a mistake anyway as they continue doing what they do best.
I remember going to a show one year and Tinkerbell took a huge stack and the whole crowd gasped and just waited for her to get up. She got up after a few seconds and then went to the back where I think somebody took over until she pulled herself together.

This year’s Princesses and Heroes show was the best by far and had many surprises in it. We watched as Minnie, Mickey and Tinkerbell worked their magic and led us on a tour of all the magical princesses and heroes. Some were more well known as others, as I heard mums around me say “who’s that?” But the kids would quickly fix that up telling them who they were.
There was one part there when the wicked witch came out and both my girls clung to me for dear life, there was even a few tears shed as she was pretty mean and scary. Then of course there was this fierce fire breathing dragon, but luckily we were saved by the very handsome Prince.

When taking Madison to shows, being only 2 she gets bored easy and very restless. But to my surprise she sat there on her chair like a good girl and just watched the entire show like a good girl.

The only negative I would say there is, is if your planning on buying some merchandise for your kids you are really going to have to hack at the bank account. I just bought the girls to frozen drinks in Disney cups and a program and spent over $50.. Some of the prices of the products are very high and maybe a little over priced in my opinion, but then again aren’t they all at these shows. I think the only show I went to that had well priced merchandise was Legally Blonde.

Both of the girl’s favourite parts where when they went under the sea and the bubbles fell from the roof. The girls were sitting there trying to catch them and my little one (Mads) was pretending to blow bubbles.

No matter where you sit at Hisense arena you will always get a good view and won’t miss one part of the show. I think even right up the back in the lowest price range you would be able to see the entire show, I love Hisense.

We were also very lucky to be able to go to a VIP meet and greet where we met Snow White and one of the dwarfs. But by this stage my girls were over tired grumpy and the tears were flowing. We did get a photo but it was more of a tired “Im over this” kind of photo. I felt a little special there though as we were surrounded by star and famous people such as Billy Slater, Cameron Smith, Matthew Llyod and so many more.

I would highly recommend this show to any parent or family out there, it is loads of fun.