Tried And Tested- Models Prefer LIPS

Do Mummies prefer Models Prefer?

Well I don’t know about most mummies but I CAN speak on behalf of this mummy when it comes to a couple of products from Models Prefer I did slightly fall in love.

I was sent a lovely pack thanks to the lovelies from Priceline and in there were two products from Models Prefer.

Runway Shine Lip Gloss 7.0 ml
Our Price $7.99
Dramatise: Gloss Smooth & moisturising. Gives volumising effect. Imparts shine to your lips. Highlights their shapes Lips appear supple & succulent. Wear alone or over lipstick for more lacquered look.

Now if you know me you would know that little over a year ago, you would never catch anything on my lips except for maybe a little bit of plain balm or something. And since really getting into blogging and having some amazing lip products sent to me, I can now not ever leave the house without any on. I need the colour in my life and my face just doesn’t look the same without it. But sometimes I get sick of the lippies and want to mix things up with some gloss. This is where the Runway Shine comes into play. I don’t like a lip gloss that is sticky or oily (I may be just a little picky.) But this one is smack bang in the middle, and one I like the formula of. And like I have mentioned Models Prefer products are very inexpensive which you wouldn’t expect from a brand with a name like theirs..

Moisture Lust Glossy Lipstick 3.2 g
Our Price $11.99
Models Prefer Moisture Lust Lipstick contains protective ingredients and is perfect for everyday wear thanks to its light coverage and instant moisturising sensation for ultimate comfort. With an extra shiny finish, this conditioning lipstick leaves lips smoother and softer.

This Lipstick did remind me of a lippie I have used from Maybelline, with the same sort of texture and almost identical shade.. Which I think is great, because this you can get for almost half the price. Another big bonus for me is this lipstick contains no Paraben’s, perfume’s and no Lanolin in there meaning I can safely lick my lips without anything full on going into my body. I tried a lippy not to long ago that when I licked my lips I had a horrid taste on my lips. But this, apart from the colour you could not tell it was even there. Love this lippie and love the price tag more.

Ok so my conclusion… This mummy does approve and prefer Model’s Prefer to quite a few brands I have used previously.