Nightmares and little ones :-( MUMMY IN NEED OF HELP!!

That moment you wake up in the middle of the night with a hot flush and your heart pounding a million miles an hour.. Then you realise the reason you woke up is because your eldest daughter (Miss H is 5) is screaming your name with a stomach wrenching scream.

I literally have to jump out of bed and take a bolt down the hall way, tripping over toys and stubbing a toe on the way. When I reach Miss H’s room, I find her sitting there in a daze barely away and in a zombie like state. This has happened about 5 or so times now within the last two month.. “This” of course is these horrible night terrors.

I try and calm her down and try and get some words out of her to let me know what is happening in these terrible dreams, but all I get is a moan and a grunt and then she will lay herself down again.

Tonight was one of the worst ones I have seen her have, and went in there only to find her sitting up tears gushing down her face.. I ask her what is wrong and all she can tell me is, “The gooses.. It was the gooses.” I don’t know what could be causing these and really need some opinions and help on how to stop them.

My heart breaks every time I hear that chilling scream and I feel so helpless not being able to help my baby angel and make them go away.

I have bought her a dream catcher and explained to her what they do etc. And how when I was a little girl I would not go to sleep without them. That helped for a little bit but now no matter what these horrid night terrors occur. They get so bad I am actually scared that my poor baby will be to terrified to go to sleep L

Please if you can help us, or have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear from you!