Napisan Oxi Action Powder Review

Trust Pink. Forget Stains
Vanish Napisan Inwash & Soaker Oxiaction Intelligence 1kg

$8.91 on Woolworths shop online page.

Have you ever had a stain on your clothes that you can't seem to remove? Don't fear! Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Powder contains Oxi Powerlift which help removes most types of stains, even tough dried in ones. Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Powder is safe to use on both coloured and white clothing for Amazing Stain Removal First Time. Add this stain removal powder to all your washes with your regular detergent.

The pink packaging is the first thing that gets my attention when I am out shopping add a bit on glamour to the laundry isle at Coles and Woolworths. I don’t usually buy this product unless it is on sale as I find the price a little steep.
With saying that though, you pay for what you get and this product actually does work.
Sometimes I add a little water and work it into a paste then brush it on thickly on them super stubborn stains and leave them over night. This trick works every time and I honestly have never had a stain I haven’t been able to remove.  But I take action as soon as there is a stain, I cant stand watching a stain sitting there on my kids or myself and know that if I leave it, it will more then likely stay there.

But when using this with my whites I have never seen them so bright and light. You can also use this product in either hot or cold, but I have found it works best in a cold wash. I have heard somewhere if you use hot water it tends to lock in the stain to the fabric rather then removing it. For example when it comes to stain removal, the other night I was drinking a glass of wine and my two year old jumped on me spilling it all over my white t-shirt. I was devastated as I have had this top since I was like 14 or something so I quickly threw it in the wash with some Vanish and prayed for the best.  And of course as I thought the Vanish removed the red wine stain without a trouble in the world.

Now I have jumped on the site I have seen that Vanish have gel powershots… Oh em gee I need to try these babies and make them mine.

Vanish stain remover TIP straight from their site
Our top how to remove stain tip is not to let the stain dry. The longer the stain stays, the harder it will be to remove. Did you know you can treat and leave a stain with Vanish Preen Direct for up to 7 days?

I could be here all day naming all the stains this product can remove, but that would just be silly. If you are fed up with stains then Vanish is certainly worth a shot, and you will see you can Vanish Stains from your life forever.