Tried and Tested- Nature's Cuppa

This cold weather beats the heat any day, it is so much easier to get warmer then it is to cool down. Not to mention how easy it is to snuggle into bed and go to sleep in a toasty bed.

Some of the things I love about Winter is those steamy hot baths, my jiggly hot water bottle, snuggles in bed and of course a nice HOT cup of tea.

I am not coffee buzzing kinda mum and would much prefer my cup of tea with a few drops of honey. My favourite tea of all tea’s are Chamomile Tea and nothing comes even close and now nothing comes between me and my Nature's Cuppa tea. But even if you love your cup of coffee, Nature's Cuppa has a beautiful coffee that even my expresso only loving partner loves. There is not many instant coffees he will drink, but he loves this one very much.

And now I am so glad a brand like Nature's Cuppa has come into my life. With their wide variety of teas and even some Organic coffee I don't know what I would do without them.

I was lucky enough to have Nature's Cuppa on hand when I had a mummy friend over yesterday as she asked for a cup of tea. If it wasn’t for Nature's Cuppa I would have had to say sorry, the only tea I has in Chamomile (bit embarrassing.) But luckily I whipped out my Nature's Cuppa kit I was sent, and the look on my friends face was absolutely priceless. She is a real tea lover and when she has all these options it was like she had died and gone to tea heaven.  She of course picked out the Earl Grey tea, which when I opened up the foil that houses these tea bags the aroma literally filled the kitchen without even adding hot water. Then when the hot water came in contact with the tea bag the aroma out of them teabags was absolutely amazing!

I let her take 4 home with her as she just loved them so much. And when she got home she let me know that she downed another two mugs and jumped online to bulk order a box. To buy them online you get 6 packs of 60 for $39 which to be honest is great pricing for what you get. But if you online shopping is just not your thing I have seen Nature's Cuppa stocked at a few Woolworths :-) 

Nature’s Cuppa tea and coffee are 100% eco-organic and environmentally sustainable which is a massive tick and thumbs up.

Their tea is also Fairtrade, which means that not only do you benefit, but so do the growers and planet Earth. For the coffee, our pending Rainforest Alliance Certification, guarantees that you are buying a product that has been grown or made sustainably. With all these amazing things how could you not love this tea? I would much prefer to pay a little more for a high quality tea that no poor farmer has to suffer for and can live comfortably.  I can tell you right this moment this amazing tea (especially the Chamomile tea) will be living in my tea draw.