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Miss Maddy turns 2

Tuesday, 2 July 2013
I know I have been a little lazy on the Blogger front at the moment but there is a good reason behind it :0)

My youngest little cherub shall be turning 2 on the 18th and we are trying to figure out what to buy her as well as organising a little (which is never little with our huge families) get together at our local hotel. We shall be putting on a nice dinner, so I have been stressing out with RSVP's and all that jazz.

And now I am focusing on her cake which I will be decorating all by myself... I don't know how well it will turn out but I will be sure to upload photos as soon as it is complete and ready to go.

But I shall be back in action and on top of all my review ASAP, don't get me wrong I am still posting but not as much as normal!!


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