I cannot believe that I have already had you for a whole two years little princess JMummy wishes you a massive Happy Birthday (well so does you BIG sister and also your daddy.)
The moment I held you in my arms on the cold Winters morning at Bacchus Marsh Hospital I knew my life puzzle was coming together nicely. You little soul brought so much joy and happiness. Your sister was longing for a friend and not only did she get a friend she got a BEST Friend. It is the most beautiful thing seeing you girls play together and giggle away (although I know in the coming years you two will be the troublesome two.)
Your contagious smile, your cute little belly a giggle, cheeky ways and everything  about you is just perfect. If I had just one wish my wish would be to stop you from growing up so quickly.
We really did not have a little baby for long as you found your feet at the mere age of 9 months. Nobody could believe you had already taken off (after all who needs crawling!!) You also had those first teeth come through just before 3 months, and everything you do amazes us your one clever girl!
From the bottom of my heart I love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday my Maddy Moo Moo! 24 Months today and getting even more clever each day!!
Love Always Mummy