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Sunday, 14 July 2013


On Friday August 2nd 2013, workplaces, schools and streets everywhere will be awash with denim in a united stance against childhood disease.
Jeans for Genes Day is more than an excuse to wear your favourite pair of jeans; it’s an initiative to raise much-needed funds for children’s medical research.
Having two children now it means more then anything to donate to charity that is child based. After all they deserve a fair go at life, I have been able to live mine and they should not be stripped of that right. I will be donating as much as I can to this as I know if my kids were sick or needed the testing I would hope it would be available to them.

Established in 1994 and in it’s 20th year, Jeans for Genes® proudly supports Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), a pioneer in the field of paediatric medical research.
Each year, thousands of Australians take part in this iconic event in support of CMRI. Established in 1957, CMRI’s work aims to improve and extend the lives of children everywhere. This leading institute’s primary focus is on understanding genes, which are the building blocks of life. Currently, one in twenty children is born with a birth defect or genetic disease. Funds raised through the Jeans for Genes Day campaign will directly fund CMRI research.
Merchandise can be found at supporting retailers and workplaces across the country helping to raise much needed funds and awareness for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.
Every dollar raised for Jeans for Genes Day will help bring tomorrow’s treatments and cures closer - so get involved in 2013! Make a difference and Register for Jeans for Genes day.
When seeing some of these products at the counters and didn’t think to much but then when I read these little facts, I realised just how much my dollar can be stretched.
   1 in 20 kids is born in Australia with a genetic disease or birth defect.
   $2 will buy enough crucial enzymes to test the blood of one patient for aggressive types of cancers
   $5 buys a plastic '96-in-one' test tube to screen 96 potential epilepsy drugs at once
   $10 gives scientists 200 mini test tubes to help discover genes that cause blindness in children. CMRI scientists have already discovered 12.
   $1000 helps CMRI scientist test a new drug to treat cancer, epilepsy, or other neurological conditions

Jeans for Genes Day – August 2nd 2013

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