Instant Rockstar

Instant Rockstar
When receiving this wonderful package I jumped straight onto the website and ad a look at the rest of Instant Rockstars range and absolutely fell in love. I actually need to make all of these products mine and love every single one of them.  The two products I was sent was Beach Rock Ocean Hair Spray and also the Dirty Weekend Dry Shampoo.

Beach Rock Ocean Hair Spray BRUME OCEANE
RRP $22.95
When youre too busy or far away, Instant Rockstar brings the beach to you.
Beach Rock is an innovative styling spray with medium hold creates salty texture and fullness with semi – matte finish.
Activates wavy locks and windswept hair, best used in medium to long styles.
Beach Rock can be blended with Classic Rock in thicker hair to give a mattifying effect.
Layer with Kiss The Sky in finer hair for a long lasting style.
Instant Rockstar products are available from Leading Salons and Specialist Hair Care Retailers Nationally.

I have never smelt another hair product sweeter and Summer like then this baby. The smell is of a strong sweet coconut and is perfectly matched for Summer. I know this will be my turn to product for my hair in the hotter months and I will have to start to stock up in the meantime.
Only recently have I started wearing my hair down naturally without straightening the life out of it, and I am actually getting compliments. I could not believe how long my hair was actually getting and got really excited when I was driving in the car and felt my hair sitting on my lap (thats how long it is, and how long it has been living in a bun.)
Not many people have seen me with my hair down, and especially natural. Naturally my hair is quite wavy and has been told it looks amazing just out of the shower. But when I use Instant Rockstars Beach Rock Ocean Hair Spray it just makes my hair curl and gives me them amazing beach waves. You have to be careful not to use to much as your hair will become crusty and crunchy as I believe they have popped a hair spray type product in there to help hold the beach waves.

RRP $16.95
Live Hard, Retire Young living life between gigs...
Once known as the French shower Dirty Weekend will revitalise and refresh any lacklustre performance. This dry, weightless hair-enhancing tool will prolong the life of your style.
Dirty Weekend will add volume and texture to thin flyaway hair enabling ease of style.
Dirty Weekend is available in LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK shades.
Dirty Weekend should be applied with a light spray to the roots of the hair and brushed out catching any excess oils.
Dirty Weekend can be blended with any Instant Rockstar styling product to freshen up your look
Instant Rockstar products are available from Leading Salons and Specialist Hair Care Retailers Nationally.

I love that Instant Rockstar have made three different sorts of Dirty Weekend which suit all sorts of hair shades. I was sent the medium and this suits my light brunette hair perfectly, but any darker then my hair and I would recommend the Dark can.
It has a beautiful fragrance, which I just cannot describe, but certainly is the best smelling dry shampoo I have ever used and smelt. I will be packing this bad boy in my suitcase to QLD as I know I wont be washing my hair every single day being in the beach and also the pools. This dry shampoo dead set is a lifesaver when it comes to my blow wave and I wouldnt rely on any other product. Some dry shampoos have been a complete nightmare, leaving my hair with what looks like horrible dandruff no matter how much I brush or use my hair dryer. I am sure that I am not the only person that has had this experience and it is what scared me out of using Dry Shampoo.
 If you havent yet tried a dry shampoo I would certainly recommend giving Instant Rockstars a go, I will continue to use this Dry Shampoo until the day it is discontinued (if ever.)